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Look around, chief. You've got a right to protect yourself.

A Grummel, through a GrummelNet vendor, ACiT

Grummel Net Industries,[1] more often referred to as GrummelNet, was a company created over a century ago by Grummel One and run by the Grummels, clones of Grummel One.[2] It was the largest weapons vendor emporium in the Polaris Galaxy, and the one of choice there, much to Gadgetron's annoyance. The company's vendors could be found on every planet that Ratchet visited in the Polaris Galaxy, thanks to Polaris Defense Initiative 1887-Upsilon, which permitted GrummelNet to sell their merchandise for means of defense across the Polaris galaxy. GrummelNet manufactured and sold weapons, devices and armor, similar to companies like Gadgetron and Megacorp. However, some weapons and armor it only sold, not manufactured, like the Tornado Launcher. GrummelNet also sold weapon upgrades, which could be purchased with Raritanium. GrummelNet also had an intergalactic travel guide, which rated Kerchu City as the worst vacation spot in the Polaris Galaxy, followed by Zordoom Prison second, and the sulfur mines of Praxus VI third. GrummelNet's headquarters were in Meridian City.[3]

While GrummelNet made its own weapons, GrummelNet also sold several weapons or items not-belonging to them under the previous owners permission, such as Dynamo of Doom (Pollyx Industries) and the Tornado Launcher (Gadgetron).



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