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The GrummelNet Jetpack is a gadget in Into the Nexus. It is a jetpack upgrade for Clank that allows Ratchet long-term flight after fuelling up from fuel stations located on various planets.

The GrummelNet Jetpack can be obtained on planet Kragg after winning the Bronze Cup at the Destructapalooza.


The GrummelNet Jetpack allows Ratchet to fly for a long period by holding L2 for as long as there is fuel. This allows Ratchet to traverse long areas, such as on Thram when searching for gargathon horns. Ratchet can use all his weapons in flight.

Behind the scenes

The GrummelNet Jetpack is very similar in function to the Levitator from Going Commando, although it lasts much longer and allows Ratchet to use weapons.

The GrummelNet Jetpack was ported to the 2016 re-imagining of Ratchet & Clank as the XK-81 Jetpack created by Dr. Nefarious, used for planet Gaspar and a few bosses.

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