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Grulches are enemies in Going Commando encountered in the Megacorp distribution facility on Smolg. They are small, purple creatures with spiked backs, large mouths, and tiny quadrupedal legs. They are native to Smolg, and are smaller cousins of the two-headed Smolgian snapper.[1] Ratchet and Clank encountered them during "Search the Distribution Facility", "Explore the docked ships", and "Traverse the Warehouse".

Grulches will attack by approaching Ratchet in a straight line and biting. On their own, they pose little threat, but can overwhelm Ratchet when appearing in numbers. The Lava Gun and Sheepinator are effective against them due to their small size, and the Synthenoids, Shield Charger, and Miniturret Glove can provide defense against them. Many are spawned from biological spawners, which must be destroyed first.


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