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A Grubsnucker was a medium-sized flying creature with wings similar to an insect's. They bore a resemblance to the much bigger Basilisk Leviathans. Grubsnuckers were found on planet Sargasso and were usually in groups of at least two, but more commonly three, often accompanied by anthropods. They are also found on Veldin, as Qwark states he took Helga to an all you can eat Grubsnucker buffett on Veldin. They tended to stay as far away from Ratchet while still attacking him. Their only way to attack was to spit a ball of poisonous goo at Ratchet. When their bodies started to expand, they were preparing to launch a projectile towards Ratchet.

When attacking, mid to long ranged weapons were best as close ranged ones usually resulted in Ratchet becoming injured. The Buzz Blades and the Mag-Net Launcher were very effective in killing them.

They were very similar to Breegus Wasps found on various moons in the Breegus System and in the Great Clock.

Grubsnuckers were also mentioned by The Plumber/Zurgo on board the Starship Phoenix II. He used them to sabotage the ship.


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