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Grind Boots, occasionally known as Grindboots, are a recurring gadget in the Ratchet & Clank series, which have appeared in most entries. They are boots that allow Ratchet to grind and move on grindrails, poles, train lines, telephone poles, among other specific locations. Ratchet can hop between adjacent rails. They feature a red design developed by the blarg, though Vox Industries developed their own.


R&C (2002) promo render 2

Ratchet on a grindrail

Grind Boots are used to traverse grind rails found in various locations, such as construction beams, telephone poles and train lines. These rails often contain obstacles which Ratchet must jump across. Ratchet can use the OmniWrench to destroy obstacles and enemies along the path.

In All 4 One, larger grind tubes are used in place of grind rails, to allow four players to grind at once. These are otherwise functionally identical.


Ratchet & Clank

The Grind Boots make their debut, purchased on Blarg Tactical Research Station in Nebula G34 from the engineer Fred, purchased in the mission "Buy Grindboots" available immediately after "Explore the space station". They cost 2,000 bolts, the price Fred sold them for including the employee discount.

During this time, the existence of the Grind Boots was rumored, but Gadgetron did not believe such a device existed.[1]


The 2016 re-imagined game and movie are in-universe fictional accounts of the original Ratchet & Clank.
The re-imagined game describe Captain Qwark's account of events, while the re-imagined film is an in-universe holofilm. As Qwark is an unreliable narrator, and the holofilm is fiction, any events that contradict the original are non-canon (though those which correspond still apply). Please see Project:Bulletin board/Canon for the wiki's coverage of canon.

In Qwark's retelling of events, the Grind Boots are instead a project developed by Dr. Nefarious. They are obtained for free in "Fight the Blarg" after infiltrating his Blarg Depot facility on planet Gaspar.

Going Commando

The Grind Boots appear alongside the Swingshot in Clank's apartment on planet Endako, after which they can be used at any point.



Deadlocked design

The Grind Boots return, but this time feature a new, metallic design manufactured by Vox Industries. They are available immediately. Ratchet can only use the Dual Vipers on the grind rail, though.

Subsequent appearances

In other entries, the Grind Boots are immediately available for Ratchet for no price, and use their Gadgetron design.

Before the Nexus

In Before the Nexus, the Grind Boots are used, alongside the Hoverboots. Ratchet can hop between a few rails adjacent to one another, and when leaving the rails, switches to the Hoverboots.