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Green is a major support character in Deadlocked. He is one of two combat bots, alongside his companion Merc, that were members of Team Darkstar, assisting Ratchet in combat during his DreadZone challenges. Green was the more nervous of the too, appearing to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder from previous battles he had been involved in.

Green and Merc fight alongside Ratchet in most missions in the single player campaign of Deadlocked. Players can purchase upgrades and equipment, as well as cosmetic changes, for them both, and issue commands in battle.


Green dreamed of being a combat bot since he was a prototype,[1] was top of his class at boot camp for an army he served,[2] and retained some of the boot camp slang.[3] Green served in the Blathercon War in the third division. On routine patrol, his group was once hit and lost many friends and allies, including Phildon 282, Magernus B-1000, Shankluster 2², while also losing his legs. Green was then sent to a repair factory on Vegas 3, where he met QA-900, a repair bot working at the factory whom he was attracted to, citing her ocular sensors. Forbidden from accessing files from factory employees, the two would sneak out and download and upload until the following morning, until the army found out about their affair and reformed her into a park bench. As a result, he could not look at outdoor furniture without simulating tears.[4]

Green eventually joined DreadZone and teamed up with fellow combat bot Merc. The two served a DreadZone contestant prior to Ratchet.[2] During their time, they made use of the Beta Ravager, though the recoil on the weapon caused them to misfire it into DreadZone grandstands.[5] The contestant's death traumatized Green, giving him nightmares afterwards. After the contestant passed, Green was acquired by Al, and put in Team Darkstar to fight alongside Ratchet.[2] In the Maraxus challenges, Green was imprisoned in the Maraxus Prison, rescued by Ratchet in the final challenge, "Showdown in Delta Block".

After Ratchet defeated Gleeman Vox and the DreadZone Station was destroyed, Green and Merc took jobs at Galaxy Burger, serving millions of eager customers who clamored to see the famous combat bots from DreadZone. However, the two bots eventually decided they wanted a quiet and calm life, and later on petitioned themselves to become the new den leaders of the Ratchet fan club, which had lost its former den leader "Big Tool" (Al) after he got into an argument over Exterminator trading cards.[6]



Green has an identical appearance to Merc: he is a humanoid combat bot with a visor, lighting up when he talks, and thruster in place of legs, as he hovers over ground. He comes with 2-ply Orxonian plate armor, and a helmet that is standard DreadZone fare.[7] Green has a brown and blue design by default, the original paint scheme from a DreadZone Champion Bot.[8]

Customizable paintjobs were provided DreadZone and derived from contestants or organizations in the Shadow Sector, with the exception of the "Assassin" design hand-painted by Al.[9] Al also provided many custom modifications to Merc's head: the Crash V6, a modified Go-Comet crash test helmet;[10] the Gate Keeper, a rare helmet worn by Tron-Del Warriors (which smelled like feet);[11] the Cyclone, which Al claimed was designed for a "mysterious superhero named Al-Man" (providing no evdience for his existence);[12] and the Bounty Hunter, based on the helmet worn by Jet Baxter in Al's favorite movie, Mandles, Sandles for Men. The Saga Continues?[13]


Green is a much more nervous combatant, suffering post-traumatic stress disorder from the Blathercon War[4] and the event in which his former DreadZone contestant died.[2] Green also retained memories from his time in the army, including slang from boot camp.[3] Green showed constant fear while serving Ratchet, often casting doubts on the team's survival chances, while Merc was unwavering in response.[14] Nonetheless, he was very loyal and grateful to Ratchet, offering to help where he could to repay him.[15]

Outside of combat, Green enjoyed gaming, to the point where Al denied him access to the VG-9000 to prevent Green from beating Al's score. He was very gullible, believing Al's story that Al had married Courtney Gears.[1]

Abilities and equipment

Green comes with DreadZone communications software, a targeting system, and upgradable Orxonian plate armor.[7] Al made some other modifications to Green's helmets: the Cyclone helmet would display targeting information if the bot's central computer was damaged,[12] and the Crash V6 came with crack-proof glass, six High Stack sensors, and an internal code reader playing Al's top 40 favorite songs like "Shamus on Youmus" and "I love You so Much I'd Eat Dirt".[10]

Green used weapons that were developed by Go-Comet,[16] and Ratchet could purchase from Al's workshop during his time in DreadZone. Green made use of a Pistol Flux LX by default, a two-handed carbine weapon firing single laser rounds at opponents. His other weapons included the Bogo, a grenade launcher adapted from hovership-mounted grenade launchers that was once the pride of the Maraxus Air Patrol;[17] the Range Warrior, a sniper rifle; and the Beta and Alpha Ravager, devastating weapons designed specifically for combat bot use, that unleash a ball firing lasers at enemies before exploding.[5]

Green also used several gadgets designed to assist Ratchet in battle: a Grind Cable, a Shield Link, an EMP Grenade, a Hacker Ray, and even an OmniWrench to turn bolt cranks. Unlike the weapons, the Hacker Ray was developed by Vox Industries.[18]

Behind the scenes

Green was voiced by Travis Davis.


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