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The Gravity Boots are a recurring gadget in the Ratchet & Clank series introduced in Going Commando. They allow Ratchet to fully maneuver on compatible surfaces, including the ability to jump and use weapons. They also provide Ratchet the ability to grav-leap in Into the Nexus.

The Gravity Boots are first acquired after beating the first Megacorp Games match on Joba in Going Commando. Ratchet acquires the boots again by completing the Galactic Ranger missions on Rilgar in Up Your Arsenal. Ratchet uses Vox Industries' own distinctly designed manufactured boots in Deadlocked, obtained by completing the Valix Belt campaign. In subsequent releases, the Gravity Boots are available from the start, and the Gravity Boots used from Tools of Destruction onwards visibly resemble the Magneboots from the original Ratchet & Clank.


The Gravity Boots allow Ratchet to fully traverse specific compatible surfaces. Ratchet can jump and use any weapons or gadgets on these surfaces, provided he sticks to the specifically laid out surface and does not fall off.

In Into the Nexus, the Gravity Boots can be used to perform a grav-leap between magnetic surfaces. This allows Ratchet to jump from a surface, aim at another, and then leap towards it to attach to the new one. Ratchet must hold L1 to aim at another surface, and then press X to jump towards it. In Into the Nexus, the boots are used very frequently, used on every planet except for Thram and even during the Mr. Eye boss battle.