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The Grav-Tether is a gadget created by Pollyx Industries in Into the Nexus used by Ratchet. It is fired between two grav targets to create a purple grav-stream between them, in which the user can float between the beams in a specific direction. This allows Ratchet to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.


Ratchet fighting while in a Grav-Stream

The Grav-Tether is used by holding L1, aiming at a grav target and then pressing Circle. Firing it at two opposing grav targets creates a grav-stream. Two grav-streams can potentially cross over, allowing Ratchet to switch to a new grav-stream and access a new path. To exit the grav-stream, the player must press X.

When in a grav-stream, a specific soundtrack known as "Gravtether Jayn" plays.


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