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Gorn is a planet in the Bogon Galaxy featured in Going Commando. It is a dangerous planet, with a stormy atmosphere covered with fog. There appear to be no signs of life beyond the buildings built into the mountain peaks high above the surface, as descending below leads to impassable fog. The Thugs-4-Less Fleet was found on the planet, by the mountain peaks.

Ratchet and Clank traveled to the planet in search of Angela Cross, who had been captured by the Thugs-4-Less while infiltrating the fleet on Gorn. Using their ship, the Star Explorer, they fought off the Thug fleet, finding no signs of Angela. However, the Thug Leader messaged them shortly after, revealing his location on Snivelak.


The Thugs-4-Less fleet had traveled to Gorn, located close to Snivelak. Angela Cross infiltrated the fleet, and pickpocketed a log entry of the Thug Leader in which he became suspicious of Megacorp's shipments on Gorn.[1] She then sent a transmission to Ratchet and Clank on Aranos, after they had escaped the prison, though while sending it, the Thug Leader caught her and sent her to headquarters.[2]

Ratchet and Clank traced the transmission to Gorn, and in "Defeat the Thug Fleet", destroyed four Thugs-4-Less Carrier Ships. However, the Thugs had already moved Angela out of the quadrant.[3] Fortunately, the Thug Leader then sent a transmission to them, threatening them if they did not leave his operations alone. However, in doing so, he revealed his exact location on Snivelak, including the cooridnates on-screen during the transmission.[4]

After this, Ratchet and Clank fought bandit ships, a ghost carrier ship, and raced Ace Bunyon once more.

Several of the critters in All 4 One came from Gorn.


Planet Gorn.

Gorn is a rough planet, with thick fogs and a raging storm. Though the planet does have a surface, as continents are visible from space and it has huge mountains, it is impossible to see this as descending through the fog will cause the ship to crash into something without visibility. Instead, all life appears to be high up in the skies, around the mountain peaks, some of which have sparse vegetation.

Gorn is home to a settlement built among the mountain peaks. Many of the structures are built on the sides of the mountains, while others float in the air, rotating, and periodically raising and descending. Some of the floating structures are connected to those on the mountain side with wires. These structures are dark grey, with blue and yellow lights, and each have tall, thin power rods at the top, likely conduits for lightning. Several structures have docking bays in them which a ship can fly directly through.

Space combat challenges

Each challenge's reward gets multiplied by 0.33 and then rounded up or down to a number ending in either 00, 25, 50 or 75, with a minimum limit of 500 bolts per challenge.

Challenge Description Prizes in bolts
First Second Third
Defeat the Thug Fleet Angela was captured on board a ship in this fleet! Defeat the fleet and figure out where she has been taken. Coordinates for Thug HQ, Snivelak 6,500 bolts 2,250 bolts
Fight the Bandits This sector is notorious for bandit ships. Take them out! 25,000 bolts 8,250 bolts 2,750 bolts
Defeat the Ghost Ship You've heard of ghost ships in space... and it looks like one of the ones you destroyed has come back. Shoot it while it has solid form. 30,000 bolts 10,000 bolts 3,250 bolts
Race Through the Docking Bays Ace Bunyon, one of the galaxy's premiere space racers, has challenged you to a race through the docking bays. 35,000 bolts 11,750 bolts 3,750 bolts

Defeat the Thug Fleet

This challenge is the only mandatory challenge, and is completed by destroying all four of the Thugs-4-Less Carrier Ships, each of which are noted by yellow dots on the radar. It is advisable to have the Fusion Laser Cannons upgrade from Slim Cognito's Ship Shack, due to the durability of the carrier ships, and also to purchase shield upgrades due to the amount of firepower coming from both the carrier ships and the Thugs-4-Less fighters. The ships are best destroyed by firing at them from a distance, as flying in too close will lead to sustaining heavy damage. The fighters are not the main target, though destroying them can help replenish shields and obtain Raritanium. Additional upgraded weapons are also recommended, with especially the Torpedo Launcher being useful because of the size of the Carrier Ships.

Fight the Bandits

The second challenge requires 32 bandit ships to be destroyed. The bandit ships are very similar to Thugs-4-Less fighters in behavior, though they are more durable. The Fusion Laser Cannons will make this mission significantly easier, though it is otherwise a straightforward dogfight.

Defeat the Ghost Ship

The third challenge requires a single ghost Thugs-4-Less Carrier Ship be destroyed. This ship is identical to the Carrier Ships in the first mission, with the exception that it will sometimes phase out and become translucent, invulnerable to damage. While the ship is solid, all firepower must be focused on it to destroy it quickly. When it phases out, it can still attack, so it is important to fly away when it phases and return, then fire as soon as it becomes solid. This mission is significantly easier with ship weapon upgrades purchased.

Race Through the Docking Bays

The fourth challenge is a race against premiere space racer Ace Bunyon, through several rings around Gorn's structures, much like the previous challenge "Race Through the Asteroids" in the Feltzin System and "Race Through the Disposal Facility" in the Deep Space Disposal Facility. Though this mission is possible without it, purchasing the Triple Boost Acceleration Engine upgrade can help. The race course goes through the docking bays in the structures. As with the previous missions, the main challenge is missing as few rings as possible (missing fifteen rings will cause the mission to fail) and avoiding taking damage by hitting the structures or mountains. A lead against Ace is easy enough to maintain by boosting periodically.

Flying through all 53 rings will earn a platinum bolt.