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This page is a list of all titanium bolt locations in Going Mobile, for both the Series 40 and 60 versions. Series 40 has a total of nine titanium bolts hidden in each of the locations, whereas the more complete Series 60 version has a total of 31 titanium bolts. The majority of these are accessible on the first visit, but several bolts can only be acquired after revisiting the location later, as the required item is only available later in the game.

Collecting all bolts in either version, that being nine for the Series 40 version and thirty for the Series 60 (technically 31, as one of them appears to be an extra, since the Security BIOS level lists only three bolts when there are four) unlocks the R.Y.N.O..

Series 40
Location Titanium bolts
Level 1 1
Level 2 (Battleland) 1
Level 3 (Communication Station) 1
Level 4 (Security BIOS) 1
Level 5 (Data Mainframe) 1
Level 6 (Silver Diode) 1
Level 7 (Main Display) 1
Level 9 (Power Alley) 1
Level 10 (Macro Corporeal) 1
Series 60
Location Titanium bolts
Circuit Circuit 4
Battleland 3
Communication Station 2
Security BIOS 3 (+1)
Burnout Murderbowl 3
Maktar Casino 4
Data Mainframe 4
Silver Diode 2
Megakill Blast Arena 3
Central Receiver Uplink 2

Series 40

Level 1

Requires the Circuit Jammer

The bolt is visible in the bottom right corner of the level, but remains inaccessible until the Circuit Jammer has been purchased. Using it, shoot the lighter-colored blocks at the bottom of the wall and collect the bolt.

Level 2 (Battleland)

Directly at the end of the first corridor, take the floating platform up and the bolt will be visible above you, on another platform, which can be easily reached.

Level 3 (Communication Station)

Directly after riding on a grind rail and heading down, and entering the lowest corridor, note a small gap in the floor with an arrow indicating down. Follow it, and turn left to find a hidden titanium bolt.

Level 4 (Security BIOS)

The bolt is visible right below the entrance, and is located above the exit infolink, on top of a platform. Said platform can only be reached by riding a steep grind rail and jumping at the right time, following by gliding onto it.

Level 5 (Data Mainframe)

This bolt can also be seen from the start. Head right and jump down the tall shaft at the end, then head left to find it.

Level 6 (Silver Diode)

This bolt is located at the top of a tall room in the second floor, right after an automated turret. To reach it, jump into the room, then immediately double jump back to hit the wall, and then use that to wall jump onto the bolt.

Level 7 (Main Display)

A simple bolt located directly At the end of the second corridor, on top of a platform.

Level 9 (Power Alley)

Directly after climbing up in a tall shaft, and heading right to jump down another, but prior to climbing up yet another shaft, is a small room to the left with a single patrol bot and the titanium bolt.

Level 10 (Macro Corporeal)

At the end of the first floor is a gap down to the second one. Ignore it, and instead wall jump to a narrow room above you to find the bolt.

Series 60

Circuit Circuit

Part 1

The first bolt is visible in the bottom left, behind a locked door. Said door can be opened by hitting a bolt lock up ahead in the same room, which opens another door.

The second is visible prior to acquiring the software module for grapple ability, which you can safely pick up, but must not use. Instead, drop into the pit down below, smash a bolt lock to open a locked door, then head left and double jump onto the platform holding the titanium bolt.

Requires the static barrier passage

Right after the last grind rail, and prior to the first turret enemy and infolink, is an inaccessible area to the right containing a bolt. Entering is only possible with the static barrier passage, something only unlocked near the end of the game.

Part 2

Ride the first grind rail in the second part of the level, jump the barrier in the middle, then jump again upon nearing the end to grab the bolt on a platform.


Part 1

At the end of the first grind rail, instead of falling down to another grind rail, jump forward and land on the balcony of a room with the first titanium bolt.

Part 2

Ignore the first grind rail and head past it and a turret to hit a bolt lock, then, take the grind rail. It will lead to a platform and a second rail, as well as a small room in the upper right, previously locked, containing the bolt.

Near the end of the level you will have to jump down and head left, crossing a long spike-filled gap by using a grind rail. Past it is another gap and another rail leading down, which must be ignored, as the bolt sits on-top of the left-most platform above it.

Communication Station

Part 1

Ride the first grind rail, falling down onto the second, but jump up when halfway through to reach a lone platform with a titanium bolt. You can use a stack of crates below the rail to jump up and try again if you miss it.

Part 2

The second titanium bolt is visible at the end of the first part of the Communication Station level, below the infolink, but remains inaccessible due to a locked door. Upon returning for the second part, use the first grind rail and series of platforms on the right to reach a moving platform directly above the rail, which can be used to reach an area with a bolt lock above it. Smash it, then glide to the left to return to the infolink and grab the bolt.

Security BIOS

Part 1
Requires the Circuit Jammer

This bolt requires the Circuit Jammer weapon, which is only acquired later in the game. Use it to destroy the blocks between you and the bolt, which is directly below the first infolink.

Requires the static barrier passage

Near the end of the level is another static barrier, after a series of three moving platforms. Turn left to enter the room, instead of right to the exit.

Part 2

After a narrow tunnel with several Megacorp Chickenbots is an elevator in a narrow shaft. Drop down it to find another titanium bolt.

Requires the Circuit Jammer

The last, and extra, titanium bolt is only available after replaying the level, as you must use the Circuit Jammer to destroy a series of blocks behind the infolink to grab the bolt. This is impossible on the first time, as the game will automatically force you to exit the location upon reaching the end.

Burnout Murderbowl

The first titanium bolt is directly above the first infolink. To grab it, jump to the top platform and then go left.

Requires the Circuit Jammer

The second bolt is located at the end of a large room filled with several enemies, after a long grapple section. Use the Circuit Jammer to destroy a trio of blocks above the exit on the right, then enter the room for the bolt.

The last bolt is directly below the infolink at the end. Stand on the vertically moving platform and wait for it to head down to a small space with the titanium bolt.

Maktar Casino

Part 1

Ignore the grapple target at the start of the area and instead follow the neon arrows pointing down. Beware of the Chickenbots, and use the moving platforms to reach a small area with the first bolt in the top-left corner.

Requires the static barrier passage

Upon entering the second area of the Maktar Casino level, take the upper route, until you reach a large shaft leading to the exit. Above it is a small room blocked by a static barrier, with the bolt inside.

Enter the next area and jump up the platforms to the grapple target. You must Hyper-Strike a bolt lock in a shaft in front of a tall pillar, and then return to the left and head down, followed by smashing through the crates on the right which previously covered a locked door. A single Explodo will be in the room with the bolt.

Part 2

After the first tunnel you must go down and turn left, after which you are prompted with a series of platforms and neon arrows imploring you to go down. Do so and smash the bolt lock on the right, but ignore the locked door, and instead go left. Do not break any of the bolt crates here, as you must use them to reach the titanium bolt room in the upper left.

Data Mainframe

Requires the Circuit Jammer

Drop down the moving platform-filled shaft at the start and head left, using the Circuit Jammer to destroy the blocks between you and the bolt.

After using a series of grapple movements you can jump left onto a moving platform, which leads to a bolt lock. Return to the area with the enemies on the right and grapple targets on the left, and jump down onto the left instead, which leads to a hidden bolt in a room down below.

In the next area is a large room with moving platforms. Ignore them and instead jump down the ones in front of you, to find another hidden titanium bolt in a small room at the bottom.

Near the end of the level is a long jump slot, at the top of which is a bolt lock. Smash it, then head back down and to the start of the area, where a moving platform takes you to a room with the titanium bolt.

Silver Diode

The first area has a large S shape, with the first titanium bolt being located behind a locked door in the bottom left. The relevant bolt lock is in the bottom right, forcing you to backtrack to collect it.

The next area starts with a large chamber, either use the moving platforms or jump slot to reach the top, then enter a hallway on the right with two patrol bots. Above them are two small rooms, one with a bolt lock, and another with the bolt behind the door connected to the lock.

Megakill Blast Arena

Part 1

At the end of the Megakill Blast Arena level is a large chamber with several Explodos, as well as a bolt lock on the bottom. Hitting it will release two patrol bots, as well as allow access to a bolt in a underground room on the bottom right.

Part 2
Requires the static barrier passage

Head down the large room below the infolink, but stop before using the grind rail. Instead, head right to find a bolt behind a stack of crates.

At the end is a pyramid-shaped series of pillars, with spike-filled shafts between them. Flashing yellow arrows indicate up, as to avoid said shaft, except for one on the right, which points down. Inside it is the titanium bolt.

Central Receiver Uplink

At the end of the first area is a moving platform, jump on-top and use it to access the second-last bolt on the left above it.

At the end of the level is a grind rail, with a series of turrets situated on the bottom of blue pillars. The last titanium bolt is on-top of the left-most pillar, and is easily collected by traversing the series of corridors on the right, and heading left at the top.

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