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Going Mobile script comprises the full verbal transcript of Going Mobile.

  • Going Mobile is not entirely linear, therefore the script for receiving the MCGuFin pieces are not tied to any level, but are under their own headers.
  • Some scenes happen during a mission or are otherwise related, and are placed under either the same header or under one that follows-up on the previous one indicated by a number.
  • In Maximillian's dialogue the letters Th are replaced by the letter Z and some W letters are replaced by V letters. This is the way it is written in-game and is meant to highlight that Maximillian has an accent.

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Series 40

Ratchet: Where are we?!

Clank: It appears we have been teleported into a mobile commmunication device.

Ratchet: Great, well let's find a way out of here.

(Upon completing level 1.)
On-screen: Level 2 unlocked.

(Upon entering level 2.)
Clank: Looks like we are in the main operating system.

Ratchet: And...?

Clank: We may be able to find a link to the communication terminal.

(Upon completing level 2.)
On-screen: Level 3 unlocked.

(Upon entering level 3.)
Ratchet: Finally - a communications port!

Clank: We will need to get to the info link on the other side in order to transmit.

(Upon completing level 3.)
Al: Hey fellas... Is that really you? You look a bit pixelated today...

Clank: We seem to have been digitized.

Al: Sounds like you need to run your digital corporeal data through the Macro Corporeal.

Ratchet: And where might we find this Macro Corporeal?

Al: I'll download the coordinates to you now.

On-screen: Level 4 unlocked.

(Upon entering level 4.)
Clank: This place does NOT look inviting!

(Upon completing level 4.)
On-screen: Level 5 unlocked.

(Upon entering level 5.)
Ratchet: Are we there yet?

(Upon completing level 5.)
On-screen: Level 6 unlocked.

(Upon entering level 6.)
Clank: I believe we are getting closer.

(Upon completing level 6.)
On-screen: Level 7 unlocked.

(Upon completing level 7.)
On-screen: Level 8 unlocked.

(Upon entering level 8.)
Ratchet: Pretty close now. And I was beginning to like it here.

(Upon completing level 8.)
On-screen: Level 9 unlocked.

(Upon completing level 9.)
On-screen: Level 10 unlocked.

Clank: We have reached the energy source; there should be an infolink that will unlock the Macro Corporeal in this last room.

(Upon completing level 10.)
On-screen: Boss Level unlocked.

(Upon defeating the boss.)
Clank: We'll use this Infolink to transmute ourselves back into our analog forms.

Ratchet: Where do you think we'll come out?

Clank: Unknown...


(Upon finding a titanium bolt, where X is the amount of titanium bolts collected.)
On-screen: You Found A Titanium Bolt! Titanium Bolts: X

(Upon collecting the last titanium bolt.)
On-screen: You got the RYNO!

(Upon leveling up any weapon.)
On-screen: Weapon Level up!

Series 60


Ratchet: Where are we?!

Clank: It appears that the Bio Matter Converter technology, that we were invited to preview, has accidentally been triggered.

Ratchet: And that means?

Clank: I believe we have been converted to digital information and stored within the converter. Curious...

Ratchet: So what do we do... ?

Clank: I believe we need to ... look out!

HelpDesk: Press OK or the 5 key to attack with your wrench.

(After destroying the enemy with your wrench as the HelpDesk describes.)
Ratchet: So what's this thing?

Clank: It looks to be an infolink that connects this area with the rest of the Galaxy's information network. This will take us to another electronic device that may allow us to communicate with the analog world...

Ratchet: That will allow us to get out of here? Then I'm all about it! Let's go!

HelpDesk: Press the 8 key or down button on this teleporter to leave the level.

Circuit Circuit (first visit)

Clank: Oh dear...

Ratchet: Hey, this place looks familiar...

Clank: Yes it is familiar, too familiar. I believe the device we have been carried to is a vidcomic. Specifically, a 'Secret Agent Clank' vidcomic.

Ratchet: Cool!

Clank: Perhaps, but also highly dangerous. I would suggest we find ammunition for your weapon.

(After collecting ammo for the first time.)
HelpDesk: Press OK or the 5 key to fire the Lancer.

(When near the first bolt lock.)
HelpDesk: To unlock a door, hit the bolt lock with your wrench.

(When near the first vertical shaft.)
HelpDesk: To wall jump, jump towards a wall and press up or the 2 key when Ratchet contacts the wall. You can wall jump continuously to climb long vertical shafts like this one.

(When near the first grind rail.)
HelpDesk: Ratchet can grind on rails by jumping onto them. Try grinding on this rail.

(Upon collecting the grapple gadget for Clank.)
Ratchet: What's this?

Clank: It appears to be a software module that I can modify to allow me to extend my arms so as to grasp those green nodes.

Ratchet: So it will work like my grapple gun?

Clank: Exactly. When you see a grapple icon appear on screen you may press up or 2 to extend my arms for a grapple or swing. You may swing across successive grapple points by pressing 2 in midair between swings.

(When reaching the infolink.)
Clank: Here's another information link. It only helps us get deeper into the software, but I think I can access the storage subsystems so we can re-arm your weapons.

Ratchet: Good call, now let's get out of here before I end up in a valet suit again.


(When reaching the infolink.)
Clank: Another Infolink. This one leads back to the operating system. I see it's an area where I will be able to tap into a communications system.

Ratchet: To get us out of here? Just when I was beginning to feel welcome!

Clank: Hmmm... I seem to have accidentally unlocked a virtual battle-arena.

Ratchet: Hey, that's always fun too!

Communication Station (first visit)

(When reaching the infolink.)
Clank: We'll have to use this Infolink to backtrack to the security system node keeping this door closed.

Ratchet: Couldn't we just try knocking?

Security BIOS (first visit)

(When grinding on a grind rail.)
Ratchet: What's that up ahead?

Clank: I suggest you avoid any irregularities in these tracks. The static force that holds up to these tracks is very tenuous.

Ratchet: Hold on, I'm going to jump it!

(When hitting the bolt lock with the wrench.)
Ratchet: All in day's work!

Clank: Now to find out what is behind that door!

Ratchet: With our luck a Blargian Snagglebeast? Ohhh, I can't wait to find out..

Communication Station (second visit)

(When reaching the communications port.)
Clank: Finally - a communications port!

Big Al: Hey fellas... Is that really you? You look a bit pixelated today...

Clank: We seem to have been erroneously digitized this afternoon and need to determine how to reverse the process.

Big Al: Well, that's easy. All you need to do is run your digital corporeal data through the Macro Corporeal Geo Fragmention Ion Negator or MCGuFIN. This will reverse the biodigitization process and return you back to the analog realm.

Ratchet: Once a nerd, always a nerd.

Clank: And where might we find this MCGuFIN.

Big Al: Oh, I have one right here I use it for a door stop.

Ratchet: How's it going to help us in here?

Clank: Perhaps Big Al can bring it to the Bio Matter Converter station and send it through to us...

Big Al: But tonight is my 'Amoeboids and Antechambers' game...

Clank: We are in urgent need of help here...

Ratchet: Look, I'm sorry about all the 'nerd' comments.

Big Al: Well I suppose you fellas are in a fix. I'll go over there right now and shoot it to my Secret Agent Clank vidcomic. I'll open the portal you'll need to get past to get inside it.

First four MCGuFIN pieces

(Upon collecting the first piece.)
Clank: Something seems to have happened. There only seems to be a piece of the device here...

Ratchet: There's a message here... I'll play it.

Big Al: I tried running the MCGuFIN through the Bio Matter Converter but there was an error in the transmission. A power surge caused it to be split into six pieces and each was sent to a different vidcomic issue. I've opened some infolinks to each vidcomic node for you, but you'll have to find the six pieces to reassemble it.

Ratchet: Is today Monday? I hate Mondays.

Clank: Well, we don't have much of choice, we'll have to decide where to go next.

(Upon collecting the next 3 pieces you always receive exactly the same HelpDesk message, only the number changes according to the total collected so far.)
HelpDesk: You have found part of the MCGuFIN. You have 2 of the 6 parts.

Data Mainframe

(When reaching the infolink.)
Ratchet: So what's the infolink say?

Clank: It indicates that the last two pieces of the MCGuFIN can be found in these two vidcomic areas.

Ratchet: An end is in sight!

Last two MCGuFIN pieces

(Upon collecting the last 2 pieces you always receive exactly the same HelpDesk message, only the number changes according to the total collected so far.)
HelpDesk: You have found part of the MCGuFIN. You have 5 of the 6 parts.

Communication Station (third visit)

(When reaching the communications port.)
Clank: We have assembled the MCGuFin.

Big Al: To activate it, you'll need access to a special infolink in this secure area. The codes to get in are kept in a safe at this location!

Clank: Why, that area seems to be the office of...

Ratchet: Maximillian! Your old nemesis from the Secret Agent Clank Holovids!

Big Al: Yes, and he isn't an easy robot to see. His robot bouncers are almost invincible, but they can be bribed. The only place to get that much cash is inside the Battle Arena pay-off vault! That area is protected by a barrier that will prevent you from entering, but I have a solution for that - a Circuit Jammer weapon!

HelpDesk: Received static barrier passage.

Megakill Blast Arena (second visit)

(When near the walls that can be destoyed with the Circuit Jammer.)
HelpDesk: Looks like we need to use the Circuit Jammer to destroy these walls below.

(Upon collecting the Payola.)
Ratchet: Wow, check out the Payola. I hope it's enough to bribe those bouncers.

Maktar Casino (second visit)

(When bribing the bouncer.)
Maximillian's bouncer: Hold it right there! Nobody gets through these doors!

Ratchet: Well I guess we'll have to take our payola elsewhere!

Maximillian's bouncer: Ahem. I mean... Nobody gets through these doors unless they give up that payola. Step right through.

(When reaching the infolink.)
Ratchet: Well this seems to be his office alright, but where is he?

Clank: The security systems seem to indicate he has left the area. There is an infolink back to...

Ratchet: That's just the area we need to get to! How did he know that's where we were headed?!

Clank: Impossible to determine at this point. In any case, he has left behind the codes needed to lower the static fields securing the site.

Ratchet: Well, let's get back and follow him through - he's headed for the O/S exit - if he's able to find a way out to the outside world, there's going to be trouble for sure.

Security BIOS (second visit)

(When reaching the infolink.)
Clank: It looks like this leads to another high security OS area - beyond which lies the OS and the real world.

Ratchet: Great. More fighting. That's what we do. That's all we do.

Clank: It's either that or Maximilian transports himself into the real world...

Ratchet: Another criminal mastermind? That's really what the world needs... Let's go make nuts and bolts out this dude.

Central Receiver Uplink

(When reaching the infolink.)
Ratchet: Here's the last security door before the infolink exit outta here. No sign of Maximillian so far - so what are the chances he's beyond the door?

Clank: I would calculate the chances at 98,072%.

Ratchet: Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. Let's go.


(When confronting Maximillian.)
Maximillian: Ah... if it isn't Agent Clank and his... valet.

Ratchet: Hey... wait a minute!

Maximillian: So you zink zat you could slip through under my nose...

Ratchet: If he had a nose...

Maximillian: Vell my agents have... informed me of your plan, so I have cut you off and I vill take zat MCGuFIN from you. I vill be quite satisfied to emerge into ze world outside, leaving you here trapped for eternity.

Clank: I hardly think that we will give up the MCGuFIN to the likes of you Maximillian.

Maximillian: I hardly zink you will have much of a choice when I have reduced you to so much scrap metal - Agent Clank!

(After defeating Maximillian.)
Ratchet: Finally! Now to get out of here!

Clank: I will now connect the MCGuFIN and we'll use this Infolink to transmute ourselves back into our analog forms.

Ratchet: Where do you think we'll come out?

Clank: Unknown.


(When a weapon levels up.)
HelpDesk: Weapon Level Up!

(Upon collecting the first Titanium bolt.)
HelpDesk: You found a Titanium Bolt! Collect them all to get the R.Y.N.O.

(Upon collecting the following 28 bolts you always receive exactly the same HelpDesk message, only the number changes according to the total collected so far.)
HelpDesk: You found 2 of 30 Titanium bolts!

(Upon collecting the 30th and the 31st Titanium bolts you get the same HelpDesk message.)
HelpDesk: You got the RYNO!

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