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This page includes the controls for Going Mobile, which was released for mobile phones, and thus the only game in the series with markedly different controls. The controls for both the Series 40 and 60 versions are identical.


Ratchet is the main character, who you control for the entirety of the game.

Name Controls Effect
Move left Left or 4 key Move to the left.
Move right Right or 6 key Move to the right.
Jump Up or 2 key Jump once.
Grapple Up or 2 key If close enough, grapple and swing onto available targets.
Jump left 1 key Jump to the left.
Jump right 3 key Jump to the right.
Double jump and glide Up or the 2, 3, or 5 keys (while aerial) After jumping once, jump again for extra height, followed by a glide.
Drop down Down or 8 key Drop down through thin platforms.
Wrench attack * key Swing the OmniWrench downwards, moving forwards slightly.
Hyper-strike Down or 8 key (while aerial) Perform a downwards OmniWrench swing.
Shoot OK or 5 key Fire one shot from your equipped weapon
Quick select # key Opens the Quick Select menu (on Series 40, switches to the next weapon).
Pause Left softkey or right softkey. Opens the pause menu (also functions as 'select' and 'back' options).
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