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Megacorp weapons and ammunition vendor.

Going Commando features several kinds of vendors, the most common of which are operated by Megacorp. Megacorp vendors are pyramid-shaped, coming in either a blue or yellow theme, with the former selling weapons and ammunition, and the latter selling armor. Much like the Gadgetron vendors from Ratchet & Clank, the former are common on every location, while the latter appear in a very limited capacity.

Unique to the game is the Help Matron, a leftover Gadgetron Corporation employee on Barlow who sells old Gadgetron weapons, including the RYNO II. In challenge mode, the RYNO II and Mega versions of her weapons can be bought at any Megacorp vendor. All of these vendors only require bolts as currency.

Slim Cognito also serves as a vendor for illegal weapon and ship modifications. The former are sold by Slim in return for platinum bolts at a select few locations, and the latter are sold for raritanium at his Ship Shack.



Armor vendor

The weapons vendor is linked to the Megacorp weapons emporium,[1] and is commonly found everywhere in the Bogon Galaxy. Armor vendors are found only on the planets Dobbo, Boldan, Snivelak, Grelbin, and Oozla during challenge mode. Both weapon and armor vendors rest on a plus-shaped base, with a black and hollow cylinder in the center, which emits a dark blue or bright yellow light for the weapon and armor vendors, respectively. The light appears to be for a small rotating 3D hologram of the Megacorp logo, with the letters 'Megacorp' rotating around it, the letters are either a light blue or yellow, depending on on the vendor type. Weapon and armor vendors are the same size, with the exception of the armor vendor on Dobbo, which is significantly larger than the rest, but projects a normal sized hologram.

On four of the sides of the cylinder, each facing a cardinal direction, a metal triangular block is bolted onto the vendor, filling out the ends of the plus-shaped base. Each triangle has the longest side facing outwards, displaying a small blue or yellow screen with the Megacorp logo. Each side of the triangular block is connected to the ones next to it through a dark, rimmed, tube.

The only weapons and armor not sold at the Megacorp vendors are the Lancer, Gravity Bomb, and commando suit, all of which Ratchet receives as part of his Megacorp employment. Similarly he finds the Sheepinator during "Explore the Weapons Facility" on Todano. The same goes for the OmniWrench 10000 and 12000, which are instead found on Tabora and Aranos.

Help Matron

The Help Matron is encountered during "Find the Desert Riders" in the Vukovar Canyon on Barlow. She offers access to several classic weapons from Ratchet and Clank's adventure in the Solana Galaxy, as depicted on pictures behind her on the wall. If the player is in possession of the weapon on a Ratchet & Clank savefile, it can be obtained for free, but otherwise they will be required to pay a relatively small sum in bolts. The weapons in question—the Bomb Glove, Walloper, Decoy Glove, Visibomb Gun, and Tesla Claw—are largely useless compared to the more advanced and upgradeable Megacorp weapons. The RYNO II is the sole exception, but at 1,000,000 bolts it is also likely too expensive until challenge mode.

Unlike the base versions, the Mega versions of the Gadgetron weapons cannot be bought at the Help Matron in challenge mode, and must instead be purchased at any standard Megacorp weapons vendor. Said vendor will at that point also offer the RYNO II for sale.

Slim Cognito

Ratchet meeting Slim Cognito in Megapolis.

Slim Cognito operates two black market vendors: one for weapon modifications, and one for ship modifications. The Ship Shack is accessible after viewing an advertisement in Canal City on Notak (or at the start of challenge mode), and requires raritanium for various ship upgrades that affect components such as the engine, shielding, and various weapons. He also offers cosmetic options such as wing, nose, and paint jobs based on how many skill points have been collected.

The weapon modification shops require platinum bolts and are available at Megapolis on Endako, Tabora's mining area, and in Silver City on Boldan. On Endako, the vendor is found after retreading the "Visit Clank's apartment" mission path with the Grind Boots and Swingshot, and using the Swingshot to latch onto a grind rail which will reach Slim. On Tabora, a mod shop is found close to the town. On Boldan, it is reached after completing "Ride the power lines".

Being featured in the series for the first time, there are only three available mods for purchase: the Acid Mod, Shock Mod, and Lock On Mod. The Acid Mod causes afflicted enemies to take damage over time, making the weapon more powerful against enemies with a lot of health, or when it can hit multiple enemies at once. The Shock Mod electrocutes any nearby enemies making most weapons more useful against groups of enemies. The Lock On Mod allows the player to lock on to an enemy by holding L2 and R2 simultaneously, which allows for more precision aiming, while also showing the enemy's current health.

It is not possible to choose which weapons gets which mod, as the options are fixed, and not all weapons have modifications avaialable. Generally speaking, most weapons have the Lock On and Acid Mods available, with those that cannot use the latter instead having the Shock Mod as the option.


The following includes the pricing for both the items from the Megacorp weapons vendor and the Help Matron, as well as Slim Cognito's mods.

The Sheepinator is the sole weapon not listed, as it cannot be bought, does not have a Mega upgrade that can be purchased, and has no available mods.

Weapon Purchase price Ammo
First available Mod price
Normal Mega Lock Shock Acid
Lancer 350,000 1 3 2
Gravity Bomb 1,500,000 50 1 2
Chopper 5,000 150,000 4 Megacorp Outlet, Oozla 1 2
Blitz Gun 15,000 375,000 5 Megacorp Outlet, Oozla 1 2
Pulse Rifle 20,000 400,000 50 Megapolis, Endako 1
Miniturret Glove 25,000 550,000 15 Megapolis, Endako 2
Seeker Gun 5,000 200,000 20 Vukovar Canyon, Barlow 1 1
Synthenoids 65,000 450,000 100 Canal City, Notak
Lava Gun 25,000 200,000 1 Mining area, Tabora 1 2
Bouncer 100,000 350,000 50 Mining area, Tabora 1 3
Minirocket Tube 50,000 450,000 20 Testing facility, Dobbo 2 2
Spiderbot Glove 15,000 375,000 50 Megacorp Games, Joba 2
Plasma Coil 150,000 750,000 50 Megacorp Games, Joba 1 2
Hoverbomb Gun 120,000 1,250,000 50 Megacorp Armory, Todano 1 3
Shield Charger 100,000 250,000 100 Flying lab, Aranos (return)
Zodiac 1,500,000 10,000 Flying lab, Aranos (return)
RYNO II 1,000,000 50 Challenge mode[a] 1
Clank Zapper 1,000,000 100 Challenge mode
Bomb Glove 1,000[b] 50,000 5 Help Matron, Barlow
Walloper 8,000[b] 50,000 Help Matron, Barlow
Decoy Glove 5,000[b] 50,000 10 Help Matron, Barlow
Tesla Claw 8,000[b] 100,000 2 Help Matron, Barlow
Visibomb Gun 8,000[b] 150,000 100 Help Matron, Barlow

Behind the scenes

The armor vendor originally had the same blue color scheme as the yellow vendor. This was present in a demo released for Going Commando, and early builds of the game.[2] Additionally, the vendor would originally have lines, similar to the Gadgetron vendor in Ratchet & Clank, spoken by the HelpDesk girl's voice.[3][4]

In early builds of the game, weapon mods cost regular bolts, rather than platinum bolts.[5]


  1. Applies to the Megacorp vendor only; can otherwise be purchased from Help Matron.
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