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Megacorp Helmet

The Megacorp Helmet was given to Ratchet when he completed his commando training. It includes a re-breather which he can use to breathe underwater or in space.

Biker Helmet

The Biker Helmet allows Ratchet to participate in Megacorp Sponsored Hoverbike Races.


Ride the winds in style with Megacorp's newest Momentum Glider.

Armor Magnetizer

Never worry about money problems again. Megacorp's patented Armor Magnetization technology will make sure you never miss picking up any loose change.

Box Breaker

This upgrade to your OmniWrench 8000 allows you to use your overhead attack and break nearby boxes with a special blast.


This illegal expansion to your map technology allows you to see hidden areas not generally open to the public.


This item allows you to repair broken pieces of machinery which are attached to electrolyzer targets.


The Infiltrator is similar to Gadgetron's old Trespasser technology but stolen... er ... improved by Megacorp. Using a new unlocking mechanism, this item can unlock doors like no other item in the galaxy -- because Megacorp wants it that way. When using the Infiltartor you have a limited amount of time to route the energy in a complete circuit.


The Hydro-Pack upgrade is a black market offering. This upgrade significantly increases swim speed and will even let you swim against currents. Fortunately, Clank comes equipped with this upgrade thanks to your previous adventures.


This upgrade allows Clank to siphon fuel from Levitator pads. When Ratchet is standing on a Levitator pad, press and hold X to launch Ratchet into the air. Ratchet will be able to fly anywhere - until his fuel runs out.

Commando Suit

Megacorp's standard issue commando armor provides only marginal protection against weaponry.

Tetrafiber Armor

With its patented titanium technology, this armor is guaranteed to block 33 percent of all killing damage or your money back!

Duraplate Armor

Megacorp's new Duraplate armor uses double-thick plating to provide up to 50 percent protection.

Electrosteel Armor

The electrosteel armor uses an invisible electromagnetic pulse to deflect and absorb up to 66 percent of all damage.

Carbonox Armor

Using a combination of new metal allows and nano-technology, this armor can repulse up to 90 percent of all damage done to it!

Platinum Bolt

Platinum Bolts are the rarest form of currency in the galaxy. It is rumored that certain vendors, who sell items of great value and rarity, will only trade in such bolts.


Mined from the steaming hot sands of the Tabora Desert, these crystals exert a cosmic energy detectable by those attuned to it. By and large they are valueless, except to those who hear their call.


These race, but generally worthless stones are found only in the arctic wasteland of planet Grelbin. If you can find a collector who will buy these, however, they can earn you great wealth.


Raritanium ore is a valuable resource that can be found in the depths of space, and deep underground on a few planets. Because of its use in constructing ship parts, it is a common currency when purchasing ship upgrades.




Your OmniWrench 8000 has a fast combo attack performed by simply pressing Square three times in succession.


The Hyper-Strike does more damage than your regular wrench attack. Jump with X and then hit Square for a powerful downward strike.


The Comet-Strike is one of the more useful features of the OmniWrench 8000. Crouch with L1 and then hit Square. You can also pick up distant bolts with his move!

Wall jump

Look for 'jump slots' with textures like the picture above. Jump toward one wall using X and then hit X again just as you hit the wall. Jump back and forth between the walls to get to the top of the slot.

Crouch turn

Crouch with L1 and then use Left analog stick to turn in place. Using this technique, you can turn in place and fire weapons.


When you're in water, press Square to dive and X to rise. Push X harder to rise more quickly. Watch your air gauge! If the bubbles run out, you'll drown.

Side flip

Try a side flip! Hold L1 to crouch and snap Right analog stick right or left while pressing X. Go for style by firing your weapons while flipping!

Back flip

This move is effective when backing away from enemies. Hold L1 to crouch and snap Left analog stick back while pressing X. Try lobbing bombs while doing back flips!

Ledge grab

Ratchet will automatically grab ledges if you jump up to them. To pull yourself up, hit X. To drop down hit L1 or R2.

Ledge traversal

When hanging from a ledge you can traverse it by moving Left analog stick left or right.

Super Glide

Now that you have the Gadgetron Heli-Pack upgrade, you can use its Glide feature! Jump using X then hit X again to glide. You can also perform the Glide with the Thruster-Pack.

Boost Jump

The Boost Jump is another helpful feature included in your Heli-Pack and Thruster-Pack upgrades. Hold L1 to crouch and press X to jump. You can do a Glide out of a Boost Jump by pressing X again.

Stretch Jump

To do a Stretch Jump, get a running start then press and hold L1 and X together. For maximum distance when jumping across gaps, jump from the very edge of the gap.

Lock On

If Ratchet has a weapon equipped with the Lock On mod, he will be able to move around while always facing his enemy. Equip a weapon with the Lock On mod, then press and hold both L2 and R2. Not only will Ratchet continually target his foe, but a health meter will appear for his opponent, displaying how much life he has left.


Ratchet can back up or strafe from side to side. This is particularly effective when emerging from cover to shoot tough enemies. To strafe, press and hold L2 or R2 while moving Left analog stick left, right, or back.



The Lancer is a standard issue weapon in Megacorp's commando unit. Blast your enemies to bits with a barrage of high-velocity shots.

Heavy Lancer

The Heavy Lancer is the powerful upgraded version of the Lancer. Its rapid refire rate and energy blasts make it an excellent weapon for taking out surrounding enemies.

Gravity Bomb

This weapon fires super destructive bombs which have a large blast radius. Your enemies will feel tremor from this baby a mile away.


This upgraded weapon fires super destructive bombs that create nuclear blasts. Works on groups and singles alike!


This device creates spiked discs which you can hurl at enemies. The discs track enemies and will bounce off walls, hitting enemies multiple times.


This upgraded device creates spiked discs which you can hurl at enemies. The discs bounce off walls and when they hit an enemy, split into two causing even more damage to nearby foes.

Seeker Gun

This gun fires floating 'seekers.' These bombs move straight ahead slowly until they encounter an enemy. Once an enemy is locked on, the seeker will rapidly target to that enemy, delivering a ferocious blast of damage.

Hk22 Gun

This upgraded gun fires three floating 'seekers.' These bombs move straight ahead slowly until they encoutner an enemy. Once an enemy is locked on, the seekers will rapidly target that enemy, delivering a ferocious blast of damage.

Pulse Rifle

This rifle, which delivers a massive amount of damage, can be used to pick enemies off from far away. To use it most effectively, press and hold L1 to go into first person and then press and hold L1 to zoom in on your target. To zoom out, press and hold the R2 button.


This rifle can be used to pick enemies off from far away. Its explosive bullets have a powerful blast radius that will take out nearby enemies. To use it most effectively, press and hold L1 to go into first person mode and then press and hold L1 to zoom in on your target. To zoom out, press and hold the R2 button.

Miniturret Glove

This glove launches out a small capsule which unfolds into an intelligent machine gun turret. Once deployed, this turret will continue to blast away at your enemies until it runs out of ammo or runs out of targets.

Megaturret glove

Megaturrets fire small powerful rockets at enemies. The rockets have special autotargeting capabilities and will chase enemies down. This upgraded weapon will keep firing until it runs out of ammo or runs out of targets.

Blitz Gun

This weapon can affect a large area with differing results. Those enemies closest to the blast receive full damage, while those at the extreme end of its range will be less damaged.

Blitz Cannon

This upgraded weapon fires a large energy blast. The closer an enemy is, the more damage it receives. With an increased refire rate and larger blast radius, the Blitz Cannon is a great utility weapon for any adventurous Lombax.

Shield Charger

This creates a defensive shield which will protect you from damage until it is destroyed. It will also deal damage to enemies who come into contact with it.

Tesla Barrier

This upgraded shield weapon protects Ratchet from damage until it is destroyed. Nearby enemies will get shocked with high voltage arcs of electricity.


This weapon releases intelligent 'sidekick' robots who flank Ratchet and provide cover fire. The robots last until they run out of ammo, at which point they will disappear.


This weapon releases four intelligent 'sidekick' robots who will flank Ratchet and provide cover fire. In addition to their increased rate of fire, these upgraded robots throw out bombs to obliterate attacking enemies.

Lava Gun

This weapon fires out a stream of molten lava which will ignite your enemies. Very useful for crowd situations, this weapon will clear a room like no other.

Meteor Gun

This upgraded weapon fires molten lava chunks that blast and light enemies on fire. Good against groups of attackers.


The Boucner fires a big ballistic bomblet which bursts into a barrage of smaller ballistic bouncy bomblets. Especially useful in situations where lots of enemies are huddled together.

Heavy Bouncer

The Heavy Bouncer fires a giant ballistic bomb which bursts into a barrage of bomblets. This upgraded weapon does much more damage than the original.

Minirocket Tube

This rocket launcher fires out small, auto-targeting projectiles which impact for heavy damage. This weapon is very useful at long range.

Megarocket Cannon

This rocket launcher has a higher fire rate than the regular version. The Megarocket Cannon can also fire up to four rockets in one shot. To charge it up, hold Circle until the four barrels are fully charged.

Plasma Coil

This plasma launcher fires searing balls of plasma with a limited degree of auto-tracking. When the plasma ball hits an enemy, arcs of electricity stretch out to damage nearby enemies.

Plasma Storm

The Plasma Storm fires a searing ball of plasma that emits powerful tendrils of electricity to vaporize nearby enemies.

Hoverbomb Gun

This weapon sends out small hovering projectile. If you hold down Circle after firing the weapon, you can control its flight with Right analog stick. Press Circle again to detonate the bomb and it will do massive damage to anything in its blast radius.

Tetrabomb Gun

This upgraded weapon sends out five hovering bombs. If you hold down Circle you an control the bombs with Right analog stick. Press Circle again to detonate the bombs and do massive damage over a large area.

Spiderbot Glove

This glove launches out a small robot which you can control with Left analog stick. Press Circle after launching the robot to make it explode.

Tankbot Glove

This glove launches out a small robot equipped with a special turret. Press Square to fire its machine gun or hold and release X to launch bombs. Press Circle to make the robot explode.


Turn your enemies into harmless sheep! Laugh as they waddle around or blow them into lamb chops!

Black Sheepinator

Turn your enemies into black sheep! Watch as they waddle up to unsuspecting attackers and explode.

Tesla Claw

Using state-of-the-art electrostatic technology, the Tesla Claw is the pinnacle of Gadgetron weapons technology. The Tesla Claw sends a powerful stream of charged particles to your nearest foe, destroying it with deadly efficiency.

The Tesla Claw will automatically seek a new target whenever its current target is obliterated.

Bomb Glove

The Bomb Glove is an affordable, entry-level weapon. It was always one of Gadgetron's best sellers.

Effective at close or medium-range, this device can be especially handy against clusters of enemies.

Hold down L1 for precision aiming. Makes a great gift!


Gadgetron's most popular short range weapon, the Walloper really packs a punch! This 'punching glove' is the perfect device for close range combat, when projectile weapons just won't do the job.

Visibomb Gun

The Visibomb Gun is the most effective long range weapon ever made by Gadgetron! Just launch a remote-controlled Visibomb and deliver a massive payload with pinpoint accuracy!

Caution: always fire the gun from a safe place, since damage to the user will terminate the missile's flight.

Decoy Glove

Ever want to distract your foes while you sneak past unscathed? The Decoy Glove creates customized, inflatable dummies in your own likeness! Your enemies will attack the dummy, while you sneak past them (or attack them from behind!)


The Zodiac is one of the most powerful weapons on the market. Simply fire it and everything you can see will be blasted to ash by a powerful electric charge.


The RYNO II is an upgrade to what was previously considered the most powerful missile launcher in the galaxy. With a high fire rate and a ton of autotracking, the RYNO II will make short work of anything in your path.

Clank Zapper

This attachment gives Clank his own attack! Clank zaps bad guys on his own.

Clank Shocker

Clank's upgraded attack is an electrical charge with a powerful blast. Attackers within Clank's line of sight are shot with laser fire. Great against pursuing enemies.



When equipped, the Gadgetron Swingshot enables users to use Versa-Targets to reach new areas. Versa-Targets come in three varieties: single green targets are for grappling and pulling, while double green targets are used for swinging back and forth. Blue targets can be pulled back towards you.

Caution: to prevent injury, do not release Circle until you are in range of your destination.


This gadget enables Ratchet to power up electronic devices for short periods of time.


The Thermanator can freeze and thaw pools of water, allowing Ratchet to get to places he otherwise couldn't.

Tractor Beam

The Tractor Beam allows Ratchet to drag around objects that would otherwise be too heavy for him to manage. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, it will only work on objects with specific tractor beam targets on them.


This gadget allows Ratchet to take control of other robots called Receiver-Bots.


Triple Boost Acceleration Engine

The Triple Boost Acceleration Engine is a three-rocket engine that mounts on the back of the Star Explorer. Its unique cooling technology will allow the ship to move at its maximum possible speed for three times the duration the Single Boost Acceleration Engine Allows.

Fusion Laser Cannons

The Fusion Laser Cannons are a more advanced version of the standard system included with the Star Explorer. These Cannons provide a much more powerful shot, capable of taking out extremely tough enemies.

Electro Mine Launcher

The Electro-Mine Launcher launches a mine that emanates deadly tendrils of electricity. Ships passing close to the mine are zapped into oblivion by the tendrils.

Mega-Mine Launcher

Mega-Mines can be carried in this launcher. Much more dangerous than the Electro-Mines, the Mega-Mine's tendrils are longer, and can hit ships from a much farther distance.

Standard Missile Launcher

Another basic feature of the Star Exporer combat model is the Standard Missile Launcher. This features a targeting system that, when fully locked on to enemies, will activate a homing mechanism in the missiles. The Standard Missile Launcher is also capable of destroying medium sized asteroids and other space debris that Laser Cannons cannot handle.

Fast-lock Missile Launcher

The Fast-Lock Missile Launcher is an upgrade of the Standard Missile Launcher. It contains a more sophisticated targeting system that can lock onto even the most elusive of enemies at a rapid pace. The Fast-Lock Missile Launcher also increases the velocity of the missiles themselves, diminishing the time it will take them to reach their targets.

Torpedo Launcher

The Torpedo Launcher will allow your ship to fire a series of highly explosive torpedos at enemy ships. While the Torpedo Launcher is not equipped with a targeting system, its highly explosive warheads can take out many ships with a single shot.

Multi-Torpedo Launcher

The Multi-Torpedo Launcher fires two torpedoes from your ship side by side, creating an explosion even larger in radius than that of the Torpedo Launcher.

Advanced Shielding System

The Advanced Shielding System provides more power to your shields, giving your ship an extra layer of protection.

Ultra-Charge Shielding System

The Ultra-Charge Shielding System is the most advanced shielding system available for the Star Explorer. This system provides three times the shielding of the Basic Shielding System, providing maximum protection for your ship while taking heavy fire.

Nuclear Detonation Device

The Nuclear Detonation device is capable of firing a bomb that delivers a devastating explosion, wiping out any nearby ships or asteroids.

Hyperspace Warp System

The Hyperspace Warp System uses the power of a confined black hold to warp the fabric of space around your ship. The ship can use these warps in space to travel short distances within the sector.


Mission descriptions

(Accessed from opening missions on the map.)


Infiltrate the flying base

Fizzwidget has given you your first mission! Infiltrate the flying base in sector seven, and find the stolen experiment.

Escape the thief's security robots

The thief managed to get away with the experiment. You'll need to take out the security robots and get out of here if you're going to track it down.


Explore the swamp ruins

There are ruins of previous inhabitants left in the swamp. It might be worthwhile to explore them in case anything is still working there.

Find the store entrance

According to Fizzwidget's transmission, the thief was last seen at a Megacorp store on this planet. If you can find a way to get to the store, you could search for signs of the thief, and find out what happened to the Megacorp employees. You might even find something useful on sale!

Purchase the Tractor Beam

(MAP: Purchase Tractor Beam for 1000 Bolts)
This Tractor Beam may prove useful in the future, and the Megacorp employee here is offering a (small) discount. How can you pass that up?

Investigate the Megacorp store

The Megacorp store here seems to be shut down, but there may still be signs of the thief's whereabouts. Investigate the store for clues.

Maktar Resort

Find a way to the Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array

The thugs have towed a jamming array into the orbit of Maktar Resort, and it's disrupting the broadcast of Megacorp's 'Galactic Gladiators' show. If you can find a way to get to the sphere, you may be able to destroy it.

Win the Arena Battle

These arena competitions usually offer some pretty good prizes, and the Gladiators in the commercials don't seem that tough. Winning a round or two of the Arena battles could prove very rewarding.

Repair the energy bridges

It looks like the energy bridges from the arena exit aren't working. If you could find a way to fix them yourself, you could get back to your ship!

Destroy the signal transponders

The Thugs-4-Less jamming array is disrupting the broadcast of 'Galactic Gladiators.' If you destroy the signal transponders on the sphere, the broadcast signal should be successfully resorted.


Find the Desert Riders

The Thugs-4-Less spend their leisure time riding hoverbikes around the desert canyons. Fizzwidget has information that the thief is under the protection of Thugs-4-Less. If you can find the location of the Desert Riders, you might be able to get information on the thief's whereabouts.

Scout the ruined machinery

There are ruined remains of a Gadgetron factory on this planet. Gadgetron's made some pretty useful gadgets... maybe there are some still functioning around here.

Battle the native tribesmen

The natives on this planet are extremely hostile! If you're going to explore anywhere on this planet you're going to need to fight your way through them first.

Free figure in ice

(MAP: Free Frozen Figure)
It looks like someone has been frozen in a block of ice! Maybe you can break him free with a good hard blow.

Purchase the Thermanator

(MAP: Purchase Thermanator)
This guy may have been frozen in ice for years, but it looks like his invention's still working. Maybe you should take it off his hands - it looks like he could use the bolts.

Repair the broken hoverbike

(MAP: Win Hoverbike Race)
The leader of the Desert Riders has offered to let you use his bike, but it's not working right now. If you can fix it, you'll be able to enter the race.

Win the hoverbike race

If you win the hoverbike race, you can join the Desert Riders. Infiltrating them may give you a clue about the thief's current location.


Rescue Clank from the thief

The thief has kidnapped Clank! He must be somewhere in Megapolis. Search the city and rescue him.

Visit Clank's apartment

This is the city where Clank was given a fancy apartment by Megacorp. The rent's probably still paid off on it - it might be worthwhile to stop by home for a while and see if you left anything useful behind.

Shoot down the Thugs-4-Less ship

The Thugs-4-Less boss has decided to take you out personally. Blow him out of the sky!

Repair Clank

(MAP: Repair Clank)
You've found Clank, but the thief seems to have damaged him badly. It's a good thing you took that correspondence course in Robot Repair!

Free Ratchet

(MAP: Free Ratchet)
The thief has trapped you, but Clank is small enough to fit through the air duct here. If he can make his way to the outside of the room where you've been trapped, maybe he can unlock the door from the other side. He may even be able to find someone to help...

Feltzin System

Defeat the Thug Ships

The thugs are rendezvousing in this sector. If you can crash their meeting, you might pick up some stray transmissions that will lead you to the thief.


Search Canal City for thief

The coordinates you received for the thief's last location were right here in Canal City. The thief may still be here - you should search the city and see if you can track the fiend down.

Explore the Promenade

The Promenade is one of Canal City's premiere shopping districts. You can pick up some useful items while you're here!

Investigate wharf area

This wharf area looks like a promising place to search for clues to the thief's whereabouts. Maybe you can find something around the wharf to help your search.

Purchase Transmission

(MAP: Purchase Transmission)
The robots here have a transmission of a masked customer picking up an order. That has to be the thief! If you can get enough bolts, this transmission may lead you to them.


Find and confront the thief

The thief's coordinates have led you to this world, and they have to be around here somewhere. Track them down and get the experiment back!


(MAP: Trade Crystals For Bolts)

Find a way out of the underground tunnels

It looks like you're stuck down here. Maybe if you make your way through these tunnels you can find a way out and off this planet.

Find a ship

Now that you're on the surface, you're going to need another ship if you're going to get off this planet and investigate that testing facility. Where would a ship be in this desert?

Explore the area

Now that you've ended up here, you might as well take a look around. This might be a desert, but it looks like there are signs of life here and there.

Return crystals to mystic

(MAP: Trade 10 Crystals For Ship Repair)
This guru looks like he's a little crazy. But it doesn't look like there's any other way to repair the ship, and gathering a few crystals couldn't hurt...


Explore the testing facility

It's not clear why the thief wants you to check out this testing facility, but it seemed like she wanted to show you something important. Maybe you'd better take a look around.

(After defeating the Thug Leader.)
It's not clear why the thief wants you to check out this testing facility, but it seemed like she wanted to show you something important. You should keep looking around - there are plenty of areas you haven't checked out yet.

Defeat the Thug Leader

Clank's not going to listen to insults from a thug like this guy. Take him out!

Repair the power generator

(MAP: Repair Power Generator)
The power's out at the core terminal - you won't be able to get any information from it until it gets powered up again. The maintenance robot looks a little unreliable. You'd better follow him and see if you can fix the problem yourself.

Purchase information from terminal

(MAP: Purchase Information From Terminal)
This terminal's got a slot to insert bolts! It looks like you won't be able to get any information out of it until you can come up with some bolts to give to it.


Enter the Megacorp Games

If this arena is as profitable as the one in Maktar Resort, you'll definitely be coming out ahead. It would be well worth your while to try a few rounds in the Megacorp Games.

Win the Megacorp Hoverbike Race

If Megacorp is sponsoring this race, there'll probably be some good prizes offered to the winner. Beat the other racers, and see what rewards they have to offer.

Purchase Levitator

(MAP: Purchase Levitator)
This shady salesman is willing to sell you a Levitator. It looks like it could help you get in the arena, which might be useful since it's completely sold out.

Win the Infiltrator

(MAP: Win Cage Match)
It looks like Megacorp is offering one of their new high-tech lockpicks, the Infiltrator, as a prize for the Megacorp Games cage match!

Deep Space Disposal Facility

Meet Fizzwidget at Deep Space Disposal Facility

Mr. Fizzwidget is totally unaware of the danger that the protopet poses! Meet with him at the Deep Space Disposal Facility and tell him what you've discovered.

Disable the Disposal Facility's defenses

It looks like you got the wrong password, and now the Disposal Facility's defenses are attacking! Disable them so you can figure out where Fizzwidget is.


Explore the Weapons Facility

Mr. Fizzwidget's latest visit was to the new Megacorp Weapons Facility. Maybe you can find out if he's still there, or if he's not, where he went. And while you're here, maybe you can find some heavy-duty weaponry.

Investigate the facility interior

The interior of the facility is where they develop all the smaller scale bombs and weapons. It wouldn't hurt to take a look around here, and see if you can find anything explosive.

Bring Qwark Collectible to Armory Employee

(MAP: Trade Qwark Collectible) The Armor Magnetizer this guy has can attract bolts to you! If you can find some Captain Qwark memorabilia to give him, he'll give it to you.

Search the rocket silo

This is where Megacorp launches their test rockets. If Mr. Fizzwidget were touring the facility, he may have been brought here. It looks heavily guarded, so you'll have to get past the Megacorp guards.


Find Mr. Fizzwidget

You'd better find Mr. Fizzwidget before everyone in this galaxy buys a Protopet! Angela said that Fizzwidget could be found on Planet Boldan. If you can track him down quickly, maybe you can stop this monster from being sold to the public.

Open the main entrance

The main entrance is being blocked by a forcefield. The switch to turn it off seems to be on the other side. Maybe you can find your way around it, and turn it off from there.

Explore Silver City

Silver City is one of the busiest cities in the Bogon Galaxy! While you're here, you might want to take a look around and see if you can find anything interesting.

Ride the power lines

It looks like you could probably grind down these power lines with your grind boots. If you can avoid the electricity, they would be a really quick way to travel around the city.

Aranos (revisit)

Free Ratchet from prison cell

Clank managed to climb out an air duct, but Ratchet is still trapped back in the prison cell. There must be some way to free him!

Meet up in hangar bay

The thugs have probably stowed your ship in the hangar bay. If the two of you can meet up there, you'll be able to get out of here.

Turn off forcefield

Your ship is trapped behind a forcefield. You won't be able to fly it out of here until you find a way to turn it off. There's probably a switch around here somewhere, though you may have to look around to find it...

Explore the rest of the flying base

This is a pretty big base, and the thugs probably have a lot of stuff here. As long as you're here, it would be a good idea to take a look around and see if you can find anything useful.

Purchase Qwark Action Figure

These Qwark Action Figures became pretty collectible in your old galaxy. It might be worth even more bolts to someone way out here.


Defeat the Thug Fleet

Angela was captured aboard the Thugs-4-Less fleet! If you can defeat these ships, you may be able to find out where they've taken her.


Rescue Angela

It looks like the Thugs-4-Less leader has taken Angela back to their headquarters on the Planet Snivelak. You'll need to battle your way past a lot of thugs if you're going to rescue her!


Search the Distribution Facility

Millions of protopets are being shipped out of this facility! Search the facility and see if you can find anything interesting.

Explore the docked ships

These docked ships are here to transport the protopets to other planets. If you look around, you might be able to discover some information on where they're going.

Traverse the Warehouse

This huge warehouse is filled with protopets! There seem to be far too many to destroy them all, but maybe there's something useful here.


(MAP: Trade Moonstones for bolts.)

Find Angela

From the looks of Angela's message, she's in trouble! You'd better find her and make sure she's all right and has the ID card to the Megacorp Headquarters.

Traverse the ice field

Who knows what mysteries can be found in the icy wastes of this planet? You could look around the ice field and see if there's anything down there.

Bring Moonstones to Mystic

(MAP: Trade 9 Moonstones for Rock Removal)
It seems the 'holistic resonance' of moonstones will get this rock moved. Bring 9 moonstones back to him, and maybe he can get it out of the way.

Trade moonstones for Hypnomatic Part

(MAP: Trade 16 Moonstones for Hypnomatic Part)
This mystic guy has a piece of something called a 'Hypnomatic.' If you can gather 16 moonstones for him, he'll give it to you - it will probably come in handy.

Explore the caves

It would be worthwhile to take the time to glide through and explore this cave system. There may be something interesting in there.


Save the overrun planet

The population of this planet is being overrun by protopets! Help out the local civilians by taking out as many of the creatures as you can. And while you're at it, you can see if anyone here has anything you may need.

Ride the train rails

These train rails look perfect for grinding on. Maybe you can use them to take a shortcut through the city.

Explore the moon

(MAP: Ride Giant Clank to Moon)
This planet has an interesting moon nearby. While you're here, you could take a look around there. If Clank could transform, he'd be able to fly up to it easily.

Defeat the mothership

The mothership here is releasing robots to attack this city. Destroy the mothership before the city gets wiped out!

Bring Hypnomatic parts to Hypnotist

(MAP: Trade Hypnomatic Pieces)
This Hypnotist has offered to put together a Hypnomatic for you - if you can find the parts! It would be worthwhile to look around this and other planets to see if you can find what he needs.


Break into Megacorp Headquarters

The original protopet is hidden deep in Megacorp Headquarters, and you'll have to break in if you're going to destroy it. Angela's given you the ID card that opens the door to the protopet duplication area - all you need to do is find it.

Defeat the mutated Protopet

(MAP: Defeat Mutated Protopet)
Qwark has mutated the original protopet and now it has swallowed the Helix-o-morph! Defeat it and get the gadget back, so you can save the overrun planets.