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Armor was a new type of collectible equipment first featured in Going Commando. Ratchet could purchase sets of armor from Megacorp armor vendors after reaching new locations by spending bolts. He started with the commando suit for free, as it was used by Megacorp commandos as a standard. All Megacorp armor is designed by Endako fashion experts.[1]

A Moment of Reflection

The Yay Carbon trophy

Yay Carbon is a bronze trophy in the high-definition re-release of Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando also available through Ratchet & Clank Collection. Purchase the Carbonox Armor to obtain this trophy.

Armor Damage reduction Price Available at Description
Commando-Matic body armor 0% Megacorp's standard issue commando armor provides only marginal protection against weaponry.
Tetrafiber armor 33% 25,000 Dobbo With its patented titanium technology, this armor is guaranteed to block 33 percent of all killing damage or your money back!
Duraplate armor 50% 100,000 Boldan Megacorp's new duraplate Armor uses double-thick plating to provide up to 50 percent protection.
Electrosteel armor 66% 250,000 Snivelak The electrosteel armor uses an invisible electromagnetic pulse to deflect and absorb up to 66 percent of all damage.
Carbonox armor 90% 1,000,000 Grelbin The ultimate in protective outerwear, Megacorp's carbonox armor uses a combination of new metal alloys and Nano-technology to repulse up to 90 percent of all damage done to it. With its whopping 1,000,000 bolt price tag, only the elite commandos get the opportunity to wear it.



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