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Armor was a new type of collectible equipment, designed by Endako fashion experts[1], first featured in Going Commando. Ratchet could purchase armor sets from Megacorp armor vendors by spending bolts, upon progressing through the story and discovering new vendors. Each vendor was respectively found on the planets Dobbo, Boldan, Snivelak and Grelbin. In challenge mode, one was placed on Oozla as to avoid limiting the player to any armor until reaching Dobbo. Each armor had its own distinct color style, and each superior version would add more armor panels, culminating in the Carbonox armor, which even fully covered Ratchet's head, ears, and tail.

Ratchet started with the Commando-Matic body armor[2], also called the Commando suit, for free, as it was standard issue for all Megacorp commandos. This armor, like all the others, contained a built-in O2 Mask. They also absorbed nanomites dropped by defeated enemies and used them to upgrade Ratchet's maximum nanotech and his weapons.[2]

Trophy: Yay Carbon
Purchase the carbonox armor. Bronze

Purchasing the final piece of armor, the carbonox armor, in the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita releases of Going Commando unlocks the trophy Yay Carbon.


Armor DR Price Available Inventory description Icon
Commando suit 0% Initially Megacorp's standard issue commando armor provides only marginal protection against weaponry. Icon from Going Commando
Tetrafiber armor 33% 25,000 Dobbo With its patented titanium technology, this armor is guaranteed to block 33 percent of all killing damage or your money back! Icon from Going Commando
Duraplate armor 50% 100,000 Boldan Megacorp's new duraplate armor uses double-thick plating to provide up to 50 percent protection. Icon from Going Commando
Electrosteel armor 66% 250,000 Snivelak The electrosteel armor uses an invisible electromagnetic pulse to deflect and absorb up to 66 percent of all damage. Icon from Going Commando
Carbonox armor 90% 1,000,000 Grelbin Using a combination of new metal allows and nano-technology, this armor can repulse up to 90 percent of all damage done to it! Icon from Going Commando


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