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Special is a menu option that is used to access various miscellaneous content related to Going Commando. This includes skill points, credits, cheats, cinematics, shortcuts, a first-person mode, a sketchbook, and several videos.


Name Description How to unlock
Ratchet has a big head Enlarges Ratchet's head Unlocked after 5 skill points have been achieved
Ratchet in a tux Ratchet wears a tuxedo during gameplay and all cutscenes Unlocked after 7 skill points have been achieved
Clank has a large noggin Enlarges Clank's head Unlocked after 10 skill points have been achieved
Levels are mirrored Mirrors the in-game world, left is right, right is left Unlocked after 12 skill points have been achieved
Actors have oversized craniums Enlarges the heads of all non-player characters Unlocked after 15 skill points have been achieved
Ratchet shows his funny side Ratchet wears a clown costume during gameplay and all cutscenes Unlocked after 20 skill points have been achieved
Enemies have massive domes Enlarges the heads of all enemies Unlocked after 25 skill points have been achieved
Beach Boy Ratchet wears swimming trunks and sandals during gameplay and all cutscenes Unlocked after 30 skill points have been achieved
Snow Dude Ratchet appears as a snowman during gameplay and all cutscenes Unlocked after beating The Impossible Challenge!

Skill points

The Skill Points menu lists all skill points. Those that have not been completed are blanked out with, with only the planet on which they can be acquired revealed. Completed skill points show a description of how to unlock said skill point.



Credits plays the game's credits scene in full, unlocked by defeating the final boss.

'Making Of' Video

A seven minute video created by Insomniac Games which gives some insight into how the game was created, showing old footage of the game during development, and commentary by developers. In order to unlock the video, the player must purchase all weapons.

Cancelled US Commercials

The Cancelled US Commercials consists of a collection of videos recorded by developer Mike Stout [citation needed] parodying the commercials made for the first game. The player must purchase all weapons and weapon mods to unlock the video.



Ratchet & Clank Going Commando Sketchbook

A video which shows concept art made for the game, unlocked by defeating the final boss.

Short Cuts

The Short Cuts menu allows the player to automatically enter any area that is listed in the menu. It is unlocked upon defeating the final boss.

Shortcut Location How to unlock
Insomniac Museum Insomniac Museum Upon obtaining all weapons, weapon mods, and skill points
Maktar Arena Maktar Resort Visit the Maktar Resort arena
Vukovar Hoverbike Race Barlow Visit the Barlow hoverbike race
Megacorp Games Hoverbike Race Joba Visit the Joba hoverbike race
Megacorp Games Arena Joba Visit the Joba arena
Thugs-4-Less Battlesphere Thugs-4-Less jamming array Visit the Jamming Array
Giant Clank Battle on Test Facility Moon Lunar City Visit the Dobbo moon
Giant Clank Battle on Allgon Moon Damosel moon Visit the Damosel moon

Random Stuff

Menu option How to unlock
Clank's Day at Insomniac Upon obtaining all weapons, weapon mods, and skill points
Sheep Blasters Upon obtaining all weapons
Space-ish Wars Defeat the final boss
Paintings Upon obtaining all weapons and weapon mods
Endorsement Deals Upon obtaining all weapons

Clank's Day at Insomniac

Time Clank's description
9:00am We arrived to work early in my vintage car. My smaller stature made it impossible for me to secure a license so I let Ratchet drive. He seems to enjoy it.
9:10am At first I was afraid of Larry the Security Guard but he is a pleasant fellow once you get to know him.
9:15am My olfactory sensors detected a strange smell in the elevator.
9:20am Our front desk administrator, Demyrie, enjoys greeting the employees. Today, I received the latest information on Robot Harassment in the workplace.
10:00am Angela has a great laugh. I love to regale her with my latest exploits. I try to leave out the parts that may be a bit off-color. Oh, and there is Phil. Hard worker, keeps to himself.
10:40am Mr. Price found a multiplication error in my accounting report. This is the second one this year! Need to check my math circuits.
11:00am No matter how many times I explain the effect of carcinogens on the human anatomy, Dan refuses to give up that filthy habit!
11:30am The artists must be able to capture Ratchet's essence from every angle. This is his favorite part of the day, the big ham.
12noon Lunchtime! We get free lunch every Friday. Today they were offering Grease pudding! Mmmmm my favorite...
12:30pm Captain Qwark has got game. After splitting his spandex on this shot he also got a new suit.
1:00pm I never use the facilities when Argus is in there.
1:30pm Our testing department works tirelessly to find every bug in the game. I am unsure where they get their motivation.
2:00pm Ratchet can sometimes be overzealous when letting off a little steam. That wall had it coming anyway.
3:00pm The Mathematician is attempting to "multiply" himself again. I need to "subtract" this image from my memory banks.
3:45pm Look, plumber's crack...Ho-ho-he-he... I slay me!
4:20pm Walter cast a Magic Missile, but he was blocked by my 6th level wizard's shield spell. Step off Walter, step off!
6:00pm Angela and Abe started their exercise program today. Abe says he gets his best ideas when running. Like that idea for a solar powered neck warmer.
9:00pm Well that is it for today. The cleaning crew arrives to get our office ready for tomorrow. Good night.

Sheep Blasters

Sheep Blasters was a mini-game playable in which you pilot a small robot and must shoot "space sheep". You can unlock this by beating the game once or using the Dynamo on the pyramid on the table in Clank's apartment. The game was developed by Peter Hastings. [1]

Space-ish Wars

Space-ish wars was a mini-game playable in which you pilot a "space sheep" and must shoot the opposing space sheep while you are both orbiting a sun. The game was developed by Peter Hastings. The mini-game is (due to it's similarity to it) likely a reference to Spacewar!, which is one of the first videogames ever created. [2]


Shows images of paintings drawn by Wes Louie with descriptions.

Page Developer description
1 (The Exterminator) When I saw Dave Guertin's design for the Exterminator and Greg Baldwin's design for the Exterminator ship, I immediately envisioned this confrontation between Ratchet and the Exterminator. I wanted the colors of the scene to be almost like sunset, where two gunslingers do their thing and I wanted both to look really calm right before the battle on the docking platform. - Wes Louie
2 (Robot Chasing Ratchet) When I saw this gigantic robot walking around one of the levels, I was just thinking how fun it would be to illustrate the giant robot and the rest of the enemies chasing Ratchet and everything blowing up all over the city. Chaos everywhere! - Wes Louie
3 (The Snowbeast) This painting was going to be a lot more comedic, with Clank doing something in the snow when he saw the Snowbeast standing over Ratchet, ready to turn Clank into spare parts. But that detail would be way too subtle for the size of the painting and I just decided to leave it the way it is now....fight or flight, Clank! - Wes Louie
4 (On Ratchet's Trail) This painting was done after 'The Exterminator' and I wanted to show the Exterminator's ship from a different angle, tracking Ratchet in space and moving in for the kill. - Wes Louie
5 (Megacorp Convoy) I thought it would be interesting to see a convoy of Megacorp sentries protecting the mothership and to show scale between the mothership and a planet. - Wes Louie
6 (The Unkown) More cool designs of the character and vehicle by our talented guys on the character team made me want to do another painting. Since this character is mysterious and you really don't know who or what it is until you've played the game for a while, I wanted to show the character in a solitary environment, walking towards its ship in a small docking bay. - Wes Louie

Endorsement Deals

Endorsement Deals shows different pictures of advertisements for what appears to be Megacorp-made products.

First Person Mode

Allows the player to enter a first person mode, unlocked by defeating the final boss.


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