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The Glob Lobber is a gadget in All 4 One. It can shoot out globs of viscous paste in order to add weight to objects. It was used by the Agorians in order to anchor their warships in low gravity areas and is fueled by a patented biomass that can refuel quickly enough that it will never run out.[1]

The Glob Lobber is found in Aldaros Plains on planet Magnus.


Clank using the Glob Lobber

The Glob Lobber is equipped by switching to the gadgets selection ring and using Left.

  • In certain areas, plates are seen with a special icon resembling a cluster of bubbles, such as floating platforms. Shooting the paste will allow platforms to lower and let the player progress.
  • The paste can also be used to slow down enemies.

Behind the Scenes

  • When the globs shot by the gadget are looked at from upclose, it seems as if these globs have eyes in them; therefore, it is possible the globs shot by the Glob Lobber are actually living creatures.


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