Gleeman Vox

Gleeman Vox once ran several business ventures that dominated the Shadow Sector

Gleeman Vox, he operates an underground media empire within the Shadow Sector.

The Gleeman Vox Media Empire[1] was an underground business empire run by Gleeman Vox, a vile Slademan obsessed with ratings and bolts. Consisting of the Vox Network, Vox Industries and several other business ventures owned by Gleeman Vox, this unofficial business empire dominated the Shadow Sector for years to come. Flushed with a constant cash flow from his business ventures and having his own personal army, Gleeman Vox literally could do what he wanted without any reprisal, since he was outside the reach of galactic authorities. His Holovision channel, called Vox News, usually showed DreadZone related news and it was run by the anchors Dallas Wanamaker and Juanita Alvaro. After Vox' death and their marriage, it also showed the holovision show Juanita and Dallas.

Vox's Media Empire encompassed entire worlds, as Catacrom Four, Maraxus, Sarathos, Shaar and Torval were all owned by Vox. Even planets he didn't own, he would have his forces occupy portions of the planets from time to time, such as Orxon, Kronos and Stygia for usage as DreadZone Battlecourses. Vox had also purchased the Valix Asteroid Belt from the Valix Network Security Corp.




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