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Gladiators[1] are enemies in Up Your Arsenal encountered in challenges in the Annihilation Nation on Station Q9. They are humanoid creatures with reptilian skin which is either a dark blue or greenish-yellow color, and their notable features are their large gaping jaw filled with razor-blade teeth. They either carry a sword, a laser whip, or both at once.

The basic, dark blue variants are seen in the challenges during the first visit to Annihilation Nation for "Win the Tyhrra-Guise", carrying either a sword or a laser whip. The greenish-yellow variants, seen in the challenges after the second visit for "Meet with Courtney Gears", dealing more damage with both their weapons.

A group of gladiators charging at Ratchet.

Gladiators carrying laser whips have a more medium-range to their attacks, meaning they pose a greater threat than those with swords, but both are very similar: they run to Ratchet in clusters and attack with their melee weapon. In clusters it is good to defeat them with area-of-effect weapons such as the Plasma Whip, Nitro Launcher, and Agents of Doom (or later on the Annihilator), whereas the Shock Blaster and N60 Storm serve for lone encounters. Additionally, in clusters, it is possible to get them to damage other enemies by making them target Ratchet and then hit another enemy in the crossfire, particularly those with the laser whips.

They also appear as a skin in the multiplayer of Up Your Arsenal, called the Gladiola.

Behind the scenes

Concept art.

The gladiator was inspired by a drawing by Joaquin Barlow. Concept art for the gladiator and Barlow's original drawing is displayed on a poster in the Insomniac Museum.


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