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The Giganto-Mech[1] is a boss in Going Commando fought in the Thug HQ, Snivelak. It is a colossal humanoid mech used by the Thug Leader, both to fight Ratchet and Clank and imprisoned Angela Cross, holding her in a cell in its torso.

The Giganto-Mech is the third and final time the Thug Leader fought Ratchet and Clank, after the helicopter and the smaller mech. Ratchet and Clank fought it during "Rescue Angela", using turrets on the rooftops of the city on Snivelak. After destroying the mech, the Thug Leader was effectively defeated, and Angela was freed.


The Giganto-Mech is an enormous mech, with gray coloration, a single red eye, a green cell behind bars in the middle of its torso, two large shoulder drone launchers firing floating homing drones that explode on contact, and rocket boosts on its feet. Its eye is capable of firing lasers, while its feet can also drop fireballs while also hovering a fair distance above the ground. It is also extremely durable and very resistant to most of Ratchet's weapons. Due to its immense strength, it can easily crush a turret with its fist, or grab an airship in mid-air and toss it like a ball.


Behind the scenes

A painting drawn of the Giganto Mech

Peter Hastings programmed the Giganto-Mech, while Mike Stout prototyped for it.[2] The Giganto-Mech would originally have been fought using a hovering robot car. Artwork for this version of the boss still appears in the final game in the Special menu.[3] The car was removed as it lacked heavy weaponry, and instead appears in the Insomniac Museum, where Tim Trzepacz describes it.[4] Hastings, while developing the Giganto-Mech, was unsure how the boss would work when both fought on rooftops and on the ground below. Floating bombs were added to make the turret gameplay still challenging rather than monotonous.[2] The boss originally had more hit points, until Hastings tuned it down in spite of many being adamant about keeping its old health.[5]

The Giganto-Mech has an unused entry in the Monsterpedia for "Thugs-4-Less Leader (Giant Mech)". This describes the boss battle on Snivelak, while using an image of the Thug Leader's mech in Lunar City.[6]

It is possible to use the Sheepinator to defeat the Giganto-Mech before fighting it, if the player clips through the wall into the fight but does not trigger the fight. By aiming the ray between the base of its legs and firing, the mech can transform into a sheep. After hitting it with the wrench and triggering the cutscene for the fight, the mech is destroyed. This method is frequently used by speedrunners to skip the fight.