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Giant ninjas[1] are enemies in Up Your Arsenal fought in Lot 43, Holostar Studios. They appear during the bossfight in the mission "Film a Secret Agent Clank Episode", in the filming of the Secret Agent Clank episode, "Maxmillian Strikes Back". The Terror of Talos retreats if it is sufficiently damaged, at which point six giant ninja robots will appear. Once defeated it reappears, with twelve more to aid it during the remainder of the fight.

They resemble giant ninja bots, the size of Giant Clank, and are capable of most of the same moves as their normal-sized versions. They will use multiple forward handsprings to quickly close the distance, throw shurikens to attack from afar, and use their double-bladed laser sword to swipe at Clank, or perform an overhead strike. They are quite sturdy and require several missile volleys to be destroyed, but are susceptible to melee attacks or Giant Clank's energy bomb.

Behind the scenes

The giant ninjas were developed based on the regular ninja bots, explaining their similar behavior.[2]



Video games
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