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I cannot believe this, folks! We are live from some Blarg-awful station out in the middle of nowhere! Ratchet and Clank aka Team Darkstar have conqured nine planets, survived hundreds of arena battles, and even defeated Dreadzone's grand champion, Ace Hardlight! Who would have ever imagined this‽ And now, in a drastic and downright, vindictive move, Gleeman Vox has sent team Team Darkstar to the Ghost Station! The course is unbeatable, unbearable, unthinkable, and I am having an aneurysm just talkin' about it!!!

Dallas Wanamaker, DL

The Ghost Station, sometimes referred to as the Gauntlet of Doom, was an area built by the Blarg[1] and later used as a DreadZone suicide mission called the Gauntlet of Doom. Gleeman Vox sent Ratchet here after the defeat of Ace Hardlight in the arena. Facing certain death from the enemies he had previously defeated which were returning to slay him as ghosts; Ratchet shocked all by piloting a Hovership and blowing the station to smithereens at the end. Also when playing on the Ghost Station in multiplayer, your player appears as a transparent ghost like the enemies fought in single player.


The facility originally was built and operated by the Blarg; the original purpose of the facility remains unknown. Why the Blarg abandoned the facility is also unknown, possibly the station became haunted when it was operated by them. Whatever the case, Gleeman Vox eventually obtained control of the station. The station seemed to attract negative vibes, as ghosts were common sight on the station, and the ghosts of DreadZone gladiators soon became a common sight on the station.

In act of revenge, Gleeman Vox forced Team Darkstar to the Ghost Station, which had so far not seen any contestants, due to the course being both experimental and mathematically impossible to complete. Team Darkstar soon showed them, completing the goal of obtaining a DreadZone Hovership from an old docked Blarg Warship, and using it to obliterate the entire station along with its ghostly residents.


Behind the scenes

Before release, there was a challenge where a nuclear bomb on board the station had to be disarmed, and another challenge where Clank was taken hostage and had to be rescued.

Strangely, Ghost Station's destruction is not shown onscreen in the game, likely since it was intended to remain an accessible location even after the completion of the course.


Notes and references

  1. Dallas says this is a Blarg station: Video on YouTube (at 2:32)
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