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Fly to Marcadia and Get to the Palace are missions in Up Your Arsenal taking place in the Capital City, Marcadia. After meeting Sasha on the Phoenix bridge, Ratchet and Clank viewed a distress signal from President Phyronix, who had come under attack from a surprise tyhrranoid invasion force commanded by Dr. Nefarious. Sasha immediately deployed the Galactic Rangers to protect the president, her father, while Ratchet went along in his own ship. As he landed, he and the Rangers had to make their way to the presidential palace to defend it.

A titanium bolt can be obtained half-way along the path during this mission by wall-jumping in the right area to reach it.


The Infector and the Suck Cannon are available to purchase in the Gadgetron vendor if you did not purchase them on board the Starship Phoenix, while the Spitting Hydra becomes also newly available. The Suck Cannon will suck up crates and small enemies (such as one-eyed tyhrranoids) to fire against other enemies for heavy damage, while the Infector will cause enemies affected to attack one another, and deals some limited damage on its own. Though they have some unreliability to them, they are both useful weapons on Marcadia. The Spitting Hydra can target multiple enemies in one blast to hit them, but is absolutely unaffordable at this stage. If not already purchased, the N60 Storm is extremely helpful for this mission; if it was and any extra bolts (likely from the VR deck) are available, the Suck Cannon is a worthwhile purchase.

When you land on Marcadia, you will be greeted by Rangers in a short cutscene. After that, head forward, with the Rangers following, to be confronted by one-eyed tyhrranoids, which are easily dispatched with any area-of-effect weapon (the Shock Blaster or Plasma Whip are particularly helpful). Head forward to be confronted with two three-eyed tyhrranoids. These enemies are tough, able to sustain more damage, and will fire repeated long-range blasts before taunting Ratchet and reloading. The N60 Storm is most useful against them at this stage to deal single-target damage to them, though the Shock Blaster is similarly effective. After defeating them, the Rangers teleport away. Head right, up a series of steps.

You will come to a plaza next, with a jackpot crate. Smash it, and prepare to quickly destroy both the nearby enemies and any bolt crates, including those hidden behind a breakable wall, to make use of its limited time. Head up the steps at the back to come to another plaza, where two three-eyed tyhrranoids will block the entrance, and a dropship will drop more three-eyed tyhrranoids and ultra mecha-tyhrranoids. Though the N60 Storm and Shock Blaster are sufficient, the Nitro Launcher is useful for clearing out the cluster of enemies here.

Head forward to reach a bridge, where an ultra mecha-tyhrranoid will fire its laser repeatedly. It is good to take cover behind the blocks and then fire the N60 Storm to destroy it before heading forward across the bridge to another plaza. An inferno crate can be smashed here to render you invincible as you destroy the enemies; make sure to defeat all enemies here before heading down to meet the Ranger, as doing so will end inferno mode.

After speaking to the Ranger, defeat the last set of three-eyed tyhrranoids, and head into the dropship, from where you can select the next mission, "Secure the Area".

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