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Get to the bridge is a mission in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in the Starship Phoenix. Due to the master plan data disk, Dr. Nefarious attacked the Starship Phoenix. Sasha Phyronix sent a distress call to Ratchet and Clank, who responded after exploring Qwark's hideout on the Thran Asteroid Belt. Ratchet immediately engaged the gravimetric warp drive to reach the Starship Phoenix.

The mission takes place within the Starship Phoenix and visits unrevisitable areas.


After arriving on the Starship Phoenix, several ninja bots attack, with two Galactic Rangers for support. The Rangers have little use for this mission, so do not worry if the ninjas destroy them. Focus on destroying the ninja bots with the usual fast, long-ranged weapons, and also clear out the scout bots just ahead of them. Past this, head up the staircases near the back of the main area and destroy a few more ninja bots. The platform that usually appears here to take you to the bridge is destroyed, so instead head down.

A group of ninja bots will drop from the ceiling, and use a mix of melee and ranged attacks. Defeat them and head right, jump up the ledge, and use the Hypershot across to another room. Defeat the ninja bots and scout bots here, then climb a ladder up a ledge near the back of the room and destroy another ninja bot, then use the Refractor to redirect a laser to the receiver (behind the crates) next to a locked door.

Outside this door is another group of ninja bots, as well as a mega bot just in front of the door to the bridge. The mega bot fires several lasers at you from its wrists, and can sustain a lot of damage. Clear out the ninja bots first, then defeat the mega bot with weapons that can do high damage to single targets, such as the Bouncer, Annihilator, or the Disc Blade Gun. As you enter the bridge, one final set of ninja bots will block the path. Since they appear in an enclosed space, the Bouncer or Rift Inducer should allow you to clean up this group quickly, before reaching the bridge for a cutscene.

Once the cutscene ends, the mission is complete, and the platform taking you back to your ship will reappear. Travel to Koros for the next mission, "Get inside command center".

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