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Get past the blarg is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. After arriving on Kalebo III, to try and find new equipment, Ratchet and Clank had to fight their way past the blarg elite commandos, sent by Drek to stop them. Eventually gaining access to the Gadgetron CEO.


Begin by using the walkway to travel to the building in the distance, noting an armed transport that will fly by and drop three elite guards up ahead. These enemies are not especially durable, but their jet packs make them harder to hit and they pack good range and aim. The Blaster, Devastator and Decoy Glove are the most useful. Be careful of the collection of Seekers behind them. Another Transport will leave four elite guards at the end of the walkway, two of these will veer off to block a passage on the right. Defeat the remaining two and press a button to enter the structure, followed by turning right to destroy the other two and half a dozen chompers.

Following this path, you must enter a testing room, in which a large group of test dummies will try and kill you using the Bomb Glove, albeit a weaker version as the bombs take a lot longer to explode. Defeat them using any weapon of choice, the Pyrocitor, Bomb Glove, Tesla Claw, Drone Device and Walloper are all helpful, due to the close quarters and their numbers. Once cleared, take the elevator to run into three guards and two stacks of metal crates, which you can use for cover. Next you must press a button with the Blaster to disable another fence and then glide down, though beware, as a group of Seekers will ambush you on once you are inside the building.

In the next room you must face another group of test dummies, this time equipped with Wallopers. Afterwards you will have to return outside, dealing with a few Chompers and another pair of elite guards that get dropped off. A nearby platform contains a lone Gadgetron vendor and several Seekers. To continue, use the Swingshot, landing you in a room with several Chompers. Clear it and press another button, followed by another use of the Swingshot for a short grind rail ride, again landing amidst some Chompers. In the next room you must fight a third wave of test dummies, equipped with Pyrocitors. They will only move back and forth, firing in your vague direction for a short time, making them rather predictable.

Once cleared you will return outside, coming face to face with two groups of elite guards, some chompers, seekers and a lone armed transport taking position at the very rear. Several metal crates can be used for cover from the guards, but it's otherwise recommended to avoid drawing too many enemies at once. The Transport itself has a low rate of fire, but is very well-armored and its blasts explode, ignoring any cover entirely. Nonetheless the Visibomb Gun can be quite useful in taking it down. The final challenge lies in fighting your way through a small army of test dummies, utilizing all three of the previously featured weapons. Do note that they do not appear to actively target you, as such you can safely take them down from afar.

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