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Get inside command center is a mission in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in the Nefarious BFG, Koros. After decoding the master plan data disk, Al and Sasha Phyronix found that the Biobliterator was refueling on Koros. Ratchet and Clank traveled there to find it, but felt Ratchet was lacking firepower to destroy once they did. Clank identified an immense ion cannon that could destroy the Biobliterator if he could control it, asking Ratchet to get inside the command center to give him control of the cannon.

Two titanium bolts and the Courtney Gears trophy can be obtained during this mission, all after crossing a bridge with a tower along it.


As the mission starts, Slim Cognito will inform you that the Plasma Coil has gone on sale. This is a very powerful weapon, and is worth purchasing. If you have a Going Commando save, it will be free, otherwise it costs 250,000 bolts. No weapons are available at the Gadgetron vendor. Additionally, in this city, a lot of the environment is filled with breakable objects that can release a lot of bolts, meaning it is a good idea to use the Bolt Grabber V2 frequently if you have not already picked it up from the Zeldrin Starport.

When you head forward along the path, you will be confronted by drone bots. These are small enemies that cannot take much damage, but can be deceptively powerful due to their long-ranged attacks and rapid fire. Ranged weapons that deal damage to mobs of enemies, such as the Plasma Coil, Bouncer, or Rift Inducer are best against them, and the Qwack-O-Ray can also be effective. Their cannon fire is also useful for upgrading the Holoshield Glove. After you defeat them, head forward and you will be confronted by a mega bot. These are large enemies that will fire several missiles with reticules appearing on the ground before they land, as well as fire its wrist-mounted lasers. Once again, the Bouncer or Plasma Coil are useful against it, along with the Annihilator or Disc Blade Gun.

Head further into the city, and you will be confronted by a vast a huge amount of drone bots. Consider using the Holoshield Glove and firing ranged weapons from a distance, or otherwise make sure to dodge a lot of their blasts when confronting them. A jackpot crate appears here, and it is a good idea to take advantage of it.

The road will then lead right to a tower with two soldier bots inside and a mega bot that fires missiles just past it. Destroy the soldier bots (the usual weapons work against them) and then get inside the tower to evade the mega bot's missiles; destroy the mega bot from inside the tower and then cross the bridge. Here, a few drones must be destroyed, before you can head to the right up a ledge.

In the final area, a large group of drone bots, soldier bots (being dropped off by a yellow troop transport), and a mega bot all appear. Once again, the Holoshield Glove is useful for avoiding fire if it comes to it, though use of the Rift Inducer, Bouncer, or Plasma Coil to destroy multiple enemies at once is the best way to clear the area and provide safety. After this, you can head inside the command center for the next mission, "Access big gun control panel".

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