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The Gemlik Base, also known as Gemlik Moon-base, is a space station located in the Oltanis orbit featured in Ratchet & Clank. It is located on the moon of planet Oltanis and was constructed by Chairman Drek as a base from which to launch an attack on Gorda City on the surface below. The base is made mostly of gray metal, featuring several robotic guards, as well as towers that generate forcefields to stop any intruders. Several asteroids surround the station as well.

Before leaving the station, it is possible to find a gold weapons room within the control tower on the runway in the final section of the base. Here, the player can purchase gold versions of their current weapons.


Ratchet and Clank traveled to the space station after receiving an infobot on Hoven. Clank wished to travel to the station to stop Drek's attack, while Ratchet was focused on traveling to search for Captain Qwark. While both argued over their priorities, their shared goal of reaching the planet led them to reconcile and attack. True to Ratchet's suspicions, as they both traveled to the moon base, Drek ordered Qwark (from his fleet) to go to the moonbase to ambush them in space combat.

Ratchet attacks Qwark.

Ratchet feeling guilt over Qwark.

Once Ratchet and Clank arrived, in "Explore base", they fought through the defenses of the base before reaching Qwark. In "Shoot down Captain Qwark", Qwark then fought them in his starfighter around the asteroids, backed up by several blarg space fighters, until Ratchet destroyed them in a blarg space fighter he was piloting himself. Ratchet shot down Qwark's ship, sending it crashing down to Oltanis below. After celebrating their victory over Qwark, the two found an infobot containing a news broadcast from Darla Gratch, covering the attack on the aforementioned planet. After seeing this, Ratchet began feeling guilt over his obsession with vengeance against Qwark clouding his priorities, and he then reconciled with Clank. The two obtained a blarg fighter as their new, faster ship and flew straight down to Oltanis.



Map layout of Gemlik Base.

Gemlik Base is a large hunk of metal, located in the midst of an expansive asteroid field and floating in orbit of Oltanis. The base is mobile, as it has a large ship connected to its north side, complete with a bridge and three very big thrusters. It has been designed as a launch platform for planetary assaults, supporting numerous transport ships, launch bays, and a conventional landing strip for spaceships. However, it also doubles as a fortress, with defensive emplacements such as forcefields, turrets, and a group of blarg space fighters for hostile ships.

East path

The eastern path of the moonbase.

There is a lone landing pad, placed on a tower, at the southern end of the base. It is initially disconnected, though an extendable bridge allows entry once approached. This path will then lead through the south-eastern corner of the area, passing through two forcefields (supported by generators located in tall destructible towers), two gates with an Invinco-Lock, and three lone blarg gunners and their turret. Past the third turret is a number of glass barrels containing some sort of explosive green goo, located in front of a massive hangar. The hangar connects to a larger platform on the east side, with more barrels strewn throughout. On the northwest end of this platform is an elevator that leads to the interior of the ship on the north side of the base.

Base interior

The moonbase interior.

The first room is split in two by a large moat filled with green acid, with a doorway placed in the far right corner. The second room is completely filled with acid, which rises and sinks at set intervals, revealing a series of platforms at times. Another doorway is located at the end, though there is another path hidden in the bend, which leads to a separate room with a gold bolt. This room, however, is blocked by a forcefield that must be disabled later. The third room (not counting the hidden one) is also filled with acid that varies in height level over time, requiring versa-targets to bypass. The fourth is small and featureless, serving as transitional for the fifth, which is notable for containing only a single Magne-Strip and a large pool of lava (possibly for geothermic energy) that will also vary in height level. The fifth and final room holds another large pool of rising and sinking acid, which must be traversed by gliding to the other side, to reach the exit elevator.

West path

A group of blarg gunners.

A second hangar stands in front of the elevator exit, with to the right a Gadgetron vendor in a dead end. The hangar is quite tall and thin, with two heightened platforms flanking the central path, with a forcefield-generating tower on the right platform. Past this is the south-western area of the base, which starts with a thin ledge, leading past a trio of turret shells embedded in the wall. A nearby Invinco-Lock can be hacked to gain entry to the building housing them. Past this is a large platform, with a large real wall that retracts when approached (revealing an ambush). Notably, there are three tiny holes in the wall, which can be used to peek and shoot at the rear of three blarg gunners, which are embedded in the wall of the other side of the building. At the end of this linear passage is another elevator that leads back to the interior.

The landing strip for Qwark's starfighter.

This is a magnetic elevator that flips upside-down, connecting to the roof of a very large hangar, filled with robosquawkers, blarg generators, and half a dozen blarg space commandos. Another elevator on the east side leads to a large staircase, and back to the exterior, bypassing another hangar (containing a jet fighter) and ending at the landing strip on the northwest side. Next to it stands a massive control tower which, if accessed by jumping between the walls to find a hidden elevator, leads to a secret gold weapons room. Lastly, there is a hidden ammunition stash in a hangar on the bottom side of the station, which is accessed by hitting a set of four bulls-eye targets to disable a forcefield.