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Ratchet shooting a cube of gelatonium from the Gelanator

Gelatonium plant on Sargasso

Gelatonium, often shortened to gel, was one of the major natural resources of the Polaris Galaxy. It was a green gelatin-like substance that was often used as efficient fuel for denizens of the Polaris Galaxy, while Ratchet used it to bounce off to high places. It was drilled and then refined at a gelatonium refinery like the one on Sargasso. Gelatonium was the most widespread source of fuel in the Polaris galaxy. Vullards; however, depended on much less reliable Battery Bots for power.[1] Gelatonium was more dense than water, as it sank in water.

The Gelanator

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Gelatonium could also be used to reach high places. The Gelanator, when filled with gelatonium from a standard G4-MW isobaric gelatonium pump (often shortened to "gel pump"), could shoot cubes of gelatonium that could be jumped on. Pumping more gelatonium onto a cube would make the cube bigger, allowing for a higher jump. These cubes floated on liquid gelatonium, but sank in water.

Plants, refineries, and facilities

Gelatonium was drilled at gelatonium drilling derricks like one ones on Sargasso, refined at gelatonium refineries such as the Sargasso Gelatonium Refinery, and distributed at gelatonium plants like the Cobalia Gelatonium Plant. A workers union, named the Gelatonium Miners Workers Union, existed, which was the only group that the GrummelNet sold the Gelanator to. Emperor Percival Tachyon controlled most of the gelatonium the Polaris Galaxy during his reign; however, some planets with gelatonium, like Sargasso, were never under his control.

The Kerchu were notable for mining and refining gelatonium. The planets they occupied had large sources of gelatonium, such as Sargasso and Jasindu. There was a gelatonium refinery and gelatonium facility Ratchet visited that was created or controlled by the Kerchu.

Cobalia Gelatonium Plant

The Cobalia Gelatonium Plant

The Cobalia Gelatonium Plant provided Polaris with the richest source of gelatonium available. Unfortunately, it fell under Emperor Percival Tachyon's control three years before Ratchet and Clank arrived in Polaris, and until the heroes liberated Polaris from Tachyon's grip, the galaxy depended on the Cragmite's fuel rationing from the plant. This gelatonium plant was shut down by Tachyon in an attempt to trap Ratchet and Clank on Cobalia. It was located near a rich Leviathan occupied wilderness on planet Cobalia.

Sargasso Gelatonium Refinery

The Sargasso Gelatonium Refinery was the first Kerchu-built gelatonium facility that Ratchet visited. It spanned over a large portion of Outpost L51 on Sargasso, and it was one of the only gelatonium-related structures that were not under the control of Tachyon during his reign. Visible streams and tubes of flowing liquid gelatonium could be seen at this refinery.

Underground Gelatonium Facility

The Underground Gelatonium Facility was located underneath the Kerchu City on Planet Jasindu and protected by fierce Kerchu Pyroguards. It was very large and remote, and supplied the city with gelatonium. Ratchet could visit this facility during the invasion of Kerchu City.

Igliak Gelatonium Refinery

Cronk and Zephyr secured this refinery during the Phylax intrusion in order to transport its gelatonium for use in the Meridian Armory. It was located on Planet Igliak, and most likely in or close to Meridian City. Due to the fact that planet Igliak was part of Free Polaris for the entire duration of Tachyon's reign, it was the only other known gelatonium-containing planet that he never controlled.

Located on

Gelatonium was located in various places around the Polaris Galaxy. Only two of these places, Planet Sargasso, and Planet Igliak, were known to be part of Free Polaris during Tachyon's reign.

Celestial bodies that are known to contain gelatonium

Celestial bodies that may contain gelatonium

Planet Kortog may contain gelatonium, as there was a gelatonium pump on that planet; however, the gelatonium may have been imported from another planet. The same is with the Nundac Asteroid Ring.


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Gelatonium had only one enemy, the Tumfoid. These small robotic creatures went crazy at the sight of gelatonium and would eat all they could, as fast as they could. They could not be killed but attacking them stopped them from moving for a few seconds. Ironically, they could be encased in cubes of gelatonium to stop them for a longer time, or (even more ironically) stopped by simply pushing them into a gel stream.

Plasma Beasts

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Plasma Beasts were thought to be part gelatonium; however, there was little evidence to conclude this, apart from the fact the Tumfoids ate the ooze that Plasma Beasts split into when they exploded.


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Morts were species that exist on planet Sargasso in Rivet's dimension that worked in Gelatonium factories that once belonged to the Kerchu.

Notes and references

  1. Vullards could be heard saying that they should convert to gelatonium like the rest of the galaxy.