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The Gelanator is a gadget in Tools of Destruction. It can be filled with gelatonium and fire gel cubes, used for bouncing. The Gelanator is used in a number of gelatonium plants and refineries around the galaxy.

Ratchet and Clank obtained the Gelanator from the Smuggler at the spaceport in Cobalia.


The Gelanator was manufactured by GrummelNet Industries and sold exclusively to the Gelatonium Mining Workers Union and their licensed signatories.[1]

Explore the Spaceport cutscene

The Smuggler with the Gelanator.

In "Explore the Spaceport", the Smuggler arrived on Cobalia after his ship ran out of gel during a job, only to find the Cobalia plant shut down by Emperor Tachyon due to Ratchet's arrival. The Smuggler then made a deal with them that he would give them a ride if they reactivated the gelatonium plant, giving them the Gelanator to do so.[2] Ratchet and Clank then reactivated the pumps in "Restore the Gelatonium Pumps".

Ratchet then used the Gelanator a few times later in his adventure. On Kortog, a few receptacles are seen in "Swing through the Docks" to navigate them, and one in the Nundac Asteroid Ring during "Make a Trade with the Smuggler". It was also used in a kerchu gelatonium outpost on Sargasso, during "Investigate the Kerchu Outpost", getting through the kerchu's refinery while looking for the Dimensionator. Ratchet later found another underground gelatonium facility in Kerchu City, Jasindu, during "Search the Gel Facility".


The Gelanator is a small handheld device with a single gelatonium tank. It can fill up at any standard G4-MW isobaric gelatonium pump with gelatonium receptacles in the Polaris Galaxy.[1][3] The receptacles are mandatory as most gel plants do not allow entry without a full Gelanator, nor do they allow exit with a full Gelanator.


Gelanator gameplay

Ratchet using the Gelenator on Cobalia.

The Gelanator once filled can fire unlimited gelatonium up until it is drained by an empty pump, normally located at the exit of a plant. It fires cubes of gelatonium, which float on liquid gelatonium but sink in water. Shooting more gelatonium at a cube causes it to grow in size and allow a higher jump, up to a certain point. Gelatonium cubes are often used either to provide Ratchet the ability to jump and reach new areas, or to hold down large pressure pads. Gelatonium cubes fall apart after some time unless refreshed by firing at them again. Additionally, Ratchet can trap small enemies in gelatonium cubes by firing the Gelanator at them, effectively freezing them.

Tumfoids also eat gelatonium cubes, preventing Ratchet from proceeding. Though tumfoids are invulnerable, Ratchet can freeze them in gelatonium cubes temporarily, or simply distract them with another cube.

The Gelanator is used on Cobalia, the Nundac Asteroid Ring, Kortog, Sargasso and Jasindu, in order to reach new areas or navigate gelatonium refineries.

Behind the scenes[]

At one point, the OmniSoaker in A Crack in Time was going to be able to absorb gelatonium and function similar to the Gelanator. However, placing gelatinum anywhere led to players jumping out of the level, and the bouncing was unnecessary due to hydroplants and catapults, and as such it was removed.[4]