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The Gelanator is a gadget manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in Tools of Destruction. It is a gadget which can fill itself with gelatonium from a standard G4-MW isobaric gelatonium pump, and can then be used to fire cubes of gelatonium. These cubes can in turn allow Ratchet to jump higher when bouncing from them.

The Gelanator is granted to Ratchet by the Smuggler on planet Cobalia, to reopen the Cobalia Gelatonium Plant at the Cobalia Spaceport. It was otherwise sold by the Gelatonium Mining Workers Union.


A G4-MW isobaric gelatonium pump in the Cobalia Gelatonium Plant

The Gelanator can be filled with gelatonium from a G4-MW isobaric gelatonium pump, and fire unlimited gelatonium up until it is drained by an empty pump, normally located at the end of a section. It fires cubes of gelatonium, which float on liquid gelatonium but sink in water. Shooting more gelatonium at a cube causes it to grow in size and allow a higher jump, up to a certain point. Gelatonium cubes are often used either to provide Ratchet the ability to jump and reach new areas, or to hold down large buttons. Gelatonium cubes fall apart after some time unless refreshed by firing at them again. Additionally, Ratchet can trap enemies in gelatonium cubes by firing the Gelanator at them, effectively freezing them.

Tumfoids also eat gelatonium cubes, meaning that cubes must be fired in a place where they are not present, that they must be distracted with another cube while Ratchet makes use of one, or that Ratchet must freeze them by firing the Gelanator at them and freeze them in gelatonium cubes temporarily while Ratchet uses a gelatonium cube to reach another area.

The Gelanator is used on Cobalia, the Nundac Asteroid Ring, Kortog, Sargasso and Jasindu, in order to reach new areas or navigate gelatonium refineries.