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Gatling turrets are enemies in Up Your Arsenal. They are spherical, rapid-fire gatling gun turrets that are used for defensive purposes. The tyhrranoids used them to defend their bases during Operation: ISLAND STRIKE on Kavu Island, Tyhrranosis, as well as during Operation: BLACK TIDE in Blackwater City, Rilgar, and finally during Operation: DEATH VALLEY in Outpost X12, Aridia.

Ratchet and Clank destroyed these gatling turrets to help the Galactic Rangers capture the bases. Additionally, a gatling turret was used in several challenges during Annihilation Nation, commandeered by the announcer using a controller wired up to the press box,[1] though this one was invincible.

The gatling turrets that defend the bases are very durable and can sustain a lot of damage. They will rapidly fire bullets that follow Ratchet, meaning it is necessary to consistently dodge them by side-flipping and jumping while strafing. The Holoshield Glove is particularly useful as a means of temporary passive defense. Long-range weapons are necessary against them due to their range. These include the N60 Storm, Flux Rifle, and later the Annihilator or Disc Blade Gun. Note that there is a limit to how far away you can stay, as all turrets have impenetrable purple-colored shielding if no target is nearby, with the exception of the one seen at the Annihilation Nation, which is permanently shielded.

Gatling turrets also appear during multiplayer. Two turrets defend the teams' bases in Siege mode, and it is necessary to destroy them to warp inside the base. These turrets are far more durable than in single-player mode, but strategy against them is much the same: dodge their fire while strafing, and keep striking them until they are eventually destroyed.


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