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Gary and Helen, also known as "The Terrible Two",[1] are two bosses fought together in Up Your Arsenal in the Annihilation Nation. They are a tag team boss fought by Ratchet and Clank in various challenges. Gary fights with an immense machine gun and several shoulder-mounted missile launchers, while Helen fights with a large laser whip and through creating electric shock waves by jumping.


Gary and Helen were a quarrelsome robot couple that were the real stars of Annihilation Nation, and had never been beaten in a battle prior to Ratchet.[1]

Ratchet first fought them in the challenge "The Terrible Two", a tag-team match against them both that was available after his first visit to the Annihilation Nation for "Win the Tyhrra-Guise". After this, Ratchet fought them in "Two Minute Warning", in which he had to defeat them in under two minutes, and later in the first "Championship Bout", in which they appeared as the final boss at the end of a long endurance challenge.

When Ratchet returned for "Meet with Courtney Gears", Gary and Helen appeared in two more challenges. First, they were fought in "Dodge the Twins", in which Ratchet had to defeat them without taking any damage. Later, they were fought in the "Qwarktastic Battle" on the 50th round.


Gary and Helen are a couple[1] of colossal humanoid robots. Gary is a broad, heavily armored, black and red-colored robot with shoulder-mounted missile launchers and an immense rapid-fire machine gun. Helen is an armored robot with a plump body and two horns on her head, who carries a laser whip.

During the battle, Gary and Helen quip with flirtations lines towards one another. Helen embraces the cheers of the crowds in battle, referring to herself as "beautiful". Gary speaks with the voice of a drill sergeant, and aims aggressive lines towards Ratchet.[2]

Gary and Helen have entirely different combat styles. While Gary fires his rapid-fire machine gun that follows Ratchet and then launches a huge barrage of missiles that track his movement, Helen creates electric shock waves around the arena, before flying over to Ratchet to attack him with the laser whip. Both of them are equipped with jet packs, used to fly in and out of the arena while the other gets a turn.


Behind the scenes

During the development of Up Your Arsenal, a few developers had moved onto the pre-production of Resistance: Fall of Man. As they had been working on a physics system for Resistance, they offered to apply this to the Plasma Whip that Tony Garcia worked on, but it did not work for Up Your Arsenal due to a lack of accurate collision for the game.[3] Instead, this was applied to Helen, as it could work due to the arena's flat ground.[4]



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