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Gary is a supporting character in Rift Apart, residing in Rivet's dimension, who aids Ratchet, Clank, Rivet and Kit in their efforts to prevent the dimensional cataclysm and defeat Emperor Nefarious. He is the Plumber's son.

He is officially known as the All-Seeing Cosmic Prophet of Inter-dimensional Sector 2-2-5-5, Phase Omega.


Known to some as Prophet, Gary is a "monk" residing on planet Savali. A lifelong student of the mysteries of the multiverse, and son to a powerful omniscient father, Gary is doing his absolute best to live up to not only the expectations of his dad and the universe, but to himself. Fearing the dimensional cataclysm, he has taken to deep meditation and astral projection in hopes of finding heroes who can help save the crumbling dimensions. He figures if he can not save them himself, the least he can do is help others.

He keeps a book with him containing the most up-to-date collection of knowledge in the universe as catalogued by his father the Plumber. During the events of Rift Apart, the Plumber was taking his first ever vacation and left Gary in charge. The title of Prophet was not something chosen by him, but given to him by the Savali Monks after he helped them decipher some of their Archives, which involved alot of just pointing out what miscellaneous things are for them, like a Blargian phone book, a Kerchu tooth or a Terraklon love poem. As a Monk of Savali, Gary has taken a vow of nonviolence.

At some point years before the events of Rift Apart, he met a former warbot named KT-7461, who had exiled herself to the remote world of Savali to keep others safe from her own destructive capabilities. She joined Gary and the monks in their tribe and worked with them to help build and preserve the Lombax dimensional Archives. KT-7461 came to regard Gary as a big brother figure and he saw great potential in her, with her eventually becoming his closely trusted apprentice. She mentions to Ratchet that Gary's uncles sometimes would play extensive practical jokes on each other from across dimensions using their special powers. Him having uncles in other dimensions seems to suggest these are brothers of the Plumber.


Rift Apart

The Coming Dimensional Cataclysm

Clank meets Gary for the first time.

Gary is first encountered by Clank when he interacts with a dimensional anomaly on Sargasso and his consiousness is transported to a space between dimensions, a cascading entropic fissure created by the destruction of the Dimensionator, which will inevitably lead to a Dimensional Cataclysm. There he meets Gary's astral form, who introduces himself, reads up on Clank's history with Ratchet from his father's book and proceeds to assist Clank with guiding his dimensional Possibilities to the Meta-Terminals to fix the anomaly. From doing this Clank is better able to understand how to repair dimensional damage and eventually how to prevent the cataclysm from occurring.

Helping Build A New Dimensionator

Ratchet meets Gary on Savali.

While Ratchet, Clank and Rivet are devising a plan to build a new Dimensionator, Clank recalls that Gary had mentioned he lives on planet Savali helping maintain the Archives, with Ratchet volunteering to go and find if Gary can help them. Upon meeting Ratchet, Gary recognises him from the research he did on Clank's exploits and instructs him to go to the interdimensional Archives and find his apprentice KT-7461, who can help him build a Dimensionator, however Nefarious Troopers have invaded the planet to intercept Ratchet and have taken the Savali Monks captive. Upon approaching it however, the Archives detects an interdimensional anomaly and enters it's defensive mode, wherein it uses it's robotic legs to continuously walk through the Urfdah Mesa to avoid danger. KT-7461 falls from the Archives upon it standing and agrees to team up with Ratchet to help save the monks and stop the Troopers. In order to get back to the Archives, Ratchet and KT-7461 will need help from the monks, Gary's acolytes, who are being held hostage at their temples. Gary meets the two of them at the base of the Mountain Temple and warns them of the trials they must overcome to reach the top and free the monks. Upon finally liberating them all, Gary and the monks use their special abilities to open rifts to help Ratchet reach the top of the Archives and acquire the blueprints for the Dimensionator, after destroying all of the Nefarious forces that were threatening it. Before Ratchet and the newly named Kit leave for planet Cordelion's Kedaro station to create the Dimensionator at it's Rubion Forge, Gary wishes them luck and eerily already knows where they were going.

Hiding the Dimensional Map

Rivet and Kit rescue Gary and he explains where the Dimensional Map has been hidden.

He meets Clank via astral projection once more through a dimensional anomaly on an alternate Blizar Prime and Kit later through another anomaly on Sargasso, where he again helps to repair the damage. Emperor Nefarious, having acquired the newly built Dimensionator, decides to use it to invade other dimensions but first requires the Dimensional Map from the Archives, so that he can have access to all dimensions in existence. The Emperor invades Savali and his forces destroy the Archives before Ratchet, Clank, Rivet and Kit can get there. Upon discovering that Gary has hidden the Map inside an anomaly to keep it out of his hands, the Emperor captures him and holds him captive on his flagship. Rivet and Kit infiltrate the ship, discover Gary and the location of the anomaly in the planet's catacombs. They then pass this information via their communicator on to Ratchet and Clank, so they may find the Map before the Emperor does. Gary then instructs Ratchet and Clank how to navigate the catacombs, while Rivet and Kit help him escape the flagship before returning planetside to help. After the Nefariouses pull a trap on Ratchet and Clank, they acquire the Map and send them and Kit through rifts to be incarcerated at Zordoom Prison. While Gary is able to escape, many of the other monks are captured by Nefarious' forces and also imprisoned. After Rivet pulls a huge jail break at Zordoom, the escapees meet up again at Zurkie's, where they plan their final assault to stop the Emperor. Gary meets them all here also and is seen riding the Gastropub's mechanical Plains Beast bucking machine, whilst in a meditative trance.

Saving the Dimensions

Gary with the Savali Monks in Megalopolis as the damage to the dimensions is being reversed.

The Emperor soon makes a broadcast that he is invading Ratchet and Clank's home dimension with his armies and Gary is seen amongst their allies, ready to help stop him. Gary and several Savali monks go with them to Megalopolis and assist where they can with their special dimensional abilities. When the Emperor reveals his Imperial Power Suit and battles Ratchet and Rivet, they are eventually able to damage it enough to stun it momentarily. Gary and the Monks then help Ratchet and Clank get inside the giant mech by stabilizing a rift at it's chest, so they can destroy the biomechanical heart and take it down. Their abilities are limited however and Gary tells Ratchet to get as close to the Suit as he can first, before a rift inside can be opened. With the heart destroyed and the Suit collapsing, Gary stabilizes another rift for Ratchet to escape with, but he is thrown to the other side of the city in the chaos, leaving Rivet and Kit to finally battle the Emperor and his armies. After Emperor Nefarious is defeated, Clank uses the recovered Dimensionator with the knowledge of repairing dimensional damage he has accumulated throughout the adventure and is able to prevent the Dimensional Cataclysm from occurring. Gary is then seen looking contented as the dimensions are saved and peace is restored.

Ending Credits

Gary with his father the Plumber.

In the ending credits, Gary is seen with his father the Plumber looking through his catalogued book of universal knowledge together and surveying the newly added events of Rift Apart. Finally he is seen together with the other Monks on Savali, repairing the damage caused to the Archives by the Emperor with Rivet and Kit helping in the restoration.



Gary in Rift Apart.

Early concept art of Gary.

The tribe of Monks that inhabit Savali are the descendents of pilgrims from the Bogon Galaxy and of the same race as the Goons/Thugs-4-Less, with Gary and the Monks naturally sharing many similar racial attributes with them. However living on Savali for generations seems to have changed some of their race's physical features, like their eye and body colors, giving them an albino appearance, with red eyes and very light, pink toned skin. Their peaceful lifestyle also seems to have caused their teeth to become more rounded and not jagged like the Thugs/Goons, suggesting that the monks do not eat meat. Gary appears to be of Snivelakian descent, the same as the other Savali Monks. With his father being the Plumber, who is very much not Snivelakian, this would imply that his mother was and also a member of the Savali Monk tribe, however she is never mentioned nor referenced. It is assumed she is the Plumber's wife that he had referred to in Up Your Arsenal, during which he asked Ratchet to gather sewer crystals so he can make a necklace out of them for her, something that she had always wanted.

Like some of the other Monks, Gary wears a headdress, made of purple leaves from native Savali foliage and a yellow shawl adorned over his head and upper body. He also wears a necklace, headwear and a single left shoulder guard made out of scrap machinery from Nefarious Troopers with a single Troopers eye hanging from his neck.


Gary is a very friendly individual and always willing to offer help to others. He evidently has insecurities about his role in taking on the responsibilties of his father and is finding it difficult to live up to those expectaions put on him. He seems to suffer from a number of unmentioned relatively mild mental illnesses, possibly brought on by the stress caused by his overbearing cosmic duties. If Clank meets Gary in the dimensional anomaly on Blizar Prime before Gary has met Ratchet on Savali, he will mention that he used the time he spent waiting to catalogue his neuroses. Whilst helping Kit repair a dimensional anomaly he congratulates her on her courage to head out to the unknown without a lifeline, doing the last thing she ever wanted to do and succeeding while doing so, something Gary feels he could not have done in her place. Kit however retorts in-kind that Gary is in fact doing this aswell by filling in for his father and helping her and Clank navigate the anomalies.

He gives Clank some advice on how to manage times of great stress, which he feels seems to be every day of his life, by doing what he has always found best, which is to take things one step at a time and focus on what is in front of you. He also helps Clank with his own insecurities and advises that if he wants to not be so hesitant so much, he should be more confident in himself. Gary finds that if there is one thing he has learned from his father it is that acting like you know what you are doing can get you everywhere in life, that and carrying a plunger.


Similar to his father, Gary has access to a great deal of knowledge and wisdom. It is likely the Plumber is the one who educated and taught him about the vast secrets of the multiverse, so that he can help in watching over it and keep it safe. Him and the other Savali Monks possess a strong understanding of dimensionality, thanks to the Lombax Archives and are greatly attuned spiritually, allowing them to freely open and close rifts in space, similar to the capabilies of the Dimensionator but to a far more limited degree. Their strong spiritual connectons also allow Gary and the other Monks to perform acts of levitation. Whilst in a meditative state, he can use astral projection to travel to the spaces between dimensions, which he does in the hopes of finding and assisting heroes to help stop the Dimensional Cataclysm.

He is also shown to have some degree of clairvoyance and the foresight to accurately predict future events in the same vein as the Plumber, although Gary's abilities of this are not as strong as his father's. Some of these future events are shown to be documented in his father's book before they have happened. Although his future predictions are often correct, they are somewhat tentative and can still be changed. For example, the prevention of the Dimensional Cataclysm was not a forgone certainty and was still very possible to happen if enough efforts were not taken even by Gary himself to help halt it.