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Ratchet and Clank, hunting a gargathon

Gargathons were massive dragon-like lifeforms, sometimes referred to as demons, native to the swamp planet of Thram. These terrible creatures would spit light green fire upon their victims, causing serious harm in the process. They were, however, also able to call backup if they needed to. The criminal organization Thugs-4-Less managed to capture a Gargathon, referred to as the Rabid Gargathon, which was used in the Thugs-4-Less's Destructapalooza tournament, on planet Kragg.

Gargathon horns were highly valuable, and those like the Smuggler would pay large amounts of bolts for their possession. They could be attained by either killing a gargathon or collecting them from a gargathon fossil. When Ratchet kills a gargathon he obtains 4 gargathon horns.


Gargathons were massive, dangerous, and orange creatures. They had yellow eyes and white torsos. They had three extremely valuable, blue ivory horns atop their heads. The creatures attacked by spitting a green beam upon their prey, capable of mass damage. They could also summon other gargathons, Serathoids, or Bursting Blekkos for backup if they needed to do so.

Habitat and diet

Gargathons could be found flying around the Hagrow Swampland on planet Thram. Gargathons were found lurking inside the deep swamps or flying around the planet. It is likely that they fed on Serathoids and other creatures which also lived on Thram.

Gargathon horn

The horns of gargathons could be obtained by killing them. These horns could be traded for bolts.

Rabid Gargathon did not drop any horns.


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