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The Galactic Rangers are a team of elite heroes who protect the Solana Galaxy. They operate from the Hall of Heroes in Aleero City, Kerwan, and are supported by squadrons of warbots who also run and watch over the Aleero City Penitentiary. The team consists of consists of Captain Qwark, Clank, Ratchet, Cora Veralux, Elaris, Brax Lectrus, and others.[1] Each Ranger is provided with a Class-g Star Jumper with their own custom face-art.[2]

The Rangers appear in both the Ratchet & Clank movie and 2016 re-imagined game.


Ratchet viewing a picture of the Rangers.

Ratchet always dreamt of joining the Rangers so that he could do big things like Qwark. On Veldin, he attempted to sneak out of his garage to compete in the Ranger tryouts. It was not until after he helped Grimroth Razz test Mr. Micron's ship that he was allowed to leave. After Ratchet made it through the training course, he met Qwark, who rejected him due to trouble he has caused in the past. This left Ratchet distraught, believing his dreams of becoming a Ranger would never come true.

The Rangers attending a meeting.

Soon after meeting Clank and saving Aleero City from a blarg warship, the two of them proved worthy of becoming Galactic Rangers, and Qwark reluctantly recruited them as members of the team. Ratchet then received his Protosuit and completed a fitness course, and Qwark then provided them with their own Class-g Star Jumper. After fighting the blarg on Batalia, the Rangers regrouped to discuss a plan for attacking Drek Industries on Quartu. There, they learned that Drek was going to use his Deplanetizer to destroy Novalis.

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Member Role
Ratchet Field operative
Captain Qwark Former leader, field operative
Cora Veralux Field operative
Brax Lectrus Field operative
Stig Field operative
Clank Support
Elaris Support
Dr. Nefarious Former ranger
Solana Troopers Soldiers & galactic police force
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