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An Enforcement-Bot, members of the Galactic Police

The Galactic Police were the law enforcement body of the governing body of the Solana Galaxy. It consisted mainly of robots from planet Edificus, such as Enforcement-Bots, Security Tanks and Canine-Bots, and they used a Galactic Police Jail-cell Ship to transport criminals. Several members of the Galactic Police were stationed to protect the Boltaire Museum's priceless artifacts from thieves.

After a mind controlled Ratchet was led to steal the Eye of Infinity from the Precious Gem Wing of the Boltaire Museum, he was promptly arrested by the Galactic Police and sent to the Prison Planet for his crimes, although the Eye of Infinity had not been recovered.

A Canine-Bot, members of the Galactic Police

Clank, while on trail of Kingpin (Klunk), had learned that the Kingpin had replaced the security for Bolt Foundry's, which was where most of the Solana Galaxy's bolts were kept, with his goons in order to loot it. Eventually, authorities soon learned what was going on, and Galactic Police were dispatched to Fort Sprocket to stop the theft, but it was already too late. Clank, who was unable to stop the robbery, barely escaped the facility himself. Had the Agency not have dispatched Agency Gadgebots to free Clank in time, Clank would have been arrested by the Galactic Police just like Ratchet.

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