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The Gadgetron Insta-Mech is a vehicle in Ratchet & Clank (2016 game) used by Dr. Nefarious in the Deplanetizer during "Defeat Dr. Nefarious". It is a flying mech suit that Nefarious warped in to pilot, using it to destroy Ratchet and Clank, and eventually to recalibrate the Deplanetizer and destroy a dwarf star, taking out the entire system.

The Insta-Mech resembles the Ultra Supreme Executive Chairman Drek-Mech from the original Ratchet & Clank, piloted by Chairman Drek for the final boss of that game. The Insta-Mech does not appear in the movie, and instead, Nefarious simply falls into the Deplanetizer's core after being hit by Ratchet's OmniWrench.


After Ratchet and Clank fought with Captain Qwark, Qwark eventually came to his senses and realized it was crucial to stop Nefarious. Qwark tried to stop him from activating the Deplanetizer's laser and allowing it to destroy Umbris, but Nefarious successfully fired. The Galactic Rangers were able to use the Mag Boosters on the Starship Phoenix and pull the Deplanetizer off course, meaning that it missed.

Nefarious, in rage, simply dropped down and activated the Insta-Mech, summoning in his mech suit, as he attempted to reach the Deplanetizer's core, an artificial supernova, with the goal of destroying the dwarf star. Ratchet and Clank followed him, and then, using the XK-81 Jetpack during the fight, destroyed the mech, causing it to fall into the supernova.


Concept art of Nefarious' mech from the re-imagined game

The Insta-Mech was a large, dark red mech suit, with two large arms, both with three pincers. In place of legs, it had a thruster capable of flight. The top was a green, translucent cockpit from which Nefarious piloted it. Its weaponry included mine launchers from its shoulders, and two types lasers from the pincer hands: a continuous orange laser, and purple rapid fire blasts. It was also capable of absorbing energy from the artificial supernova, and could destroy floating platforms by slamming them with its arms.


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