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Gadgetron Hounds of Cuddly Death[1] are enemies in Going Commando, encountered in the Vukovar Canyon, Barlow. They are small, orange, dog-like creatures with a friendly appearance but hostile behavior. They were a failed Gadgetron experiment that aimed to create a cute companion for a child, and were once docile, but after Gadgetron left Barlow due to Megacorp driving them out of business, they instead evolved into killers filled with hatred.[1] Ratchet fought them when he arrived on Barlow during "Scout the ruined machinery" and "Find the Desert Riders".

The Hounds of Cuddly Death are found in large groups, often on top of cliffs, running around in packs. They are sometimes found with Vukovar tribesmen, who appear to ignore one another. They are sometimes also birthed through spawners. When Ratchet approaches them, they will run up to bite him, even when unprovoked. Hounds of Cuddly Death are mostly a threat in numbers alone, as individual Hounds are weak, with low durability. They are most threatening when encountered in groups and on top of cliffs, making them difficult to run from. The Miniturret Glove can clear out waves of them and make a path safe, while the Blitz Gun can eliminate a large group at once.

Behind the scenes

Concept art

The Gadgetron Hounds of Cuddly Death were used during development of Up Your Arsenal to test new weapons. Early footage of Up Your Arsenal used by Insomniac Games during a presentation showcases the Infector and the Rift Inducer being used on the Hounds.[2]