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The Fusion Rifle is a weapon manufactured by Vox Industries in Deadlocked. It is a very long-range sniper rifle that deals heavy damage and can zoom in on enemies.

The Fusion Rifle can be purchased upon reaching Kronos from any Gadgetron vendor for 50,000 bolts. With use, it can be upgraded to the Anti-Matter Rifle. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Mega Anti-Matter Rifle for 1,500,000 bolts from any vendor.


The Fusion Rifle is a long, blue sniper rifle with yellow highlights. It features a small left eye scope at the back. The Anti-Matter Rifle is identical but its scope is longer, much larger and placed in the center of the weapon. Unlike other weapons in the series, its grip is on the bottom of the weapon, and not the left-hand side.


The Fusion Rifle fires a single bullet that can reach good ranges. It can be aimed down its scope to target enemies more accurately, though it can also be used in lock strafe mode. The sheer power of the weapon is only rivalled at this stage by the Arbiter. Its range and scope allow it to be very strategic in many missions, being able to target enemies from a distant and destroy many before entering the area. The major shortcoming of the Fusion Rifle is its limited radius and it can easily miss, and the player cannot really afford to miss with the weapon due to its limited ammo. This makes it very difficult to use during combat against normal enemies, though it can be useful against bosses which present themselves as big enough targets.

The Fusion Rifle when upgraded mostly unlocks speed and ammo mods. Speed mods are relatively useful for the weapon, though ammo mods are crucial due to its limited ammo. When upgraded to V10, it unlocks the XP mod, which can be equipped onto another weapon to upgrade it faster - the player may wish to upgrade the Fusion Rifle sooner for this reason. When upgraded to the Anti-Matter Rifle, its bullet can fire through enemies and deals more damage the further the enemy away is, which adds to its strength while not addressing any shortcomings.

The Fusion Rifle is a strategic but niche weapon, useful in specific situations but not useful otherwise. When modifying it with an omega mod, the player may choose the shock mod to widen its area of effect, allowing it to hit multiple enemies from a distance. The time bomb mod can also be very useful, as applying a time bomb to an enemy can damage it when Ratchet reaches it.

Behind the scenes

Cut third upgrade of the Anti-Matter Rifle

The aiming reticle for the Fusion Rifle was more like that of the Flux Rifle's for the demo version.

As with many weapons, an alternative upgrade for the Fusion Rifle has unused texture files discovered in the demo.

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