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A Competitive 2v2 match on Korgon Refinery

Multiplayer is a game mode in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault. The multiplayer is available in Campaign and Competitive mode.


In Campaign it's possible to play local (offline), with splitscreen and two online player co-operative multiplayer. The mode is similar to the single-player game, but the players gain the assistance of teammates, making it easier to beat Insomniac Time Challenges, earn medals, skill points, trophies and gold bolts. It's possible to play as Ratchet, Clank and Qwark.


There are two modes in the Competitive mode: Ranked Match and Custom Match, both simultaneously have other two modes, 1v1 and 2v2, and two teams, the Red and Blue teams. The objective of a Competitive match is to destroy the opposing team's Generators, while also protecting your own. Competitive matches are divided into three phases, Recon, Squad and Assault. During  the Recon phase players must compete for nodes, which will earn them Weapons and bolts, the phase lasts 2 minutes 30 seconds. the Squad phase begins with the closure of Recon phase, and players are given 1 minute to purchase Grungarian troopers to be used in the Assault phase. When the Assault phase begins, the Squads purchased during the previous round are sent forward to the opposing team's base, Players can either stay to defend, or assist their squads in the assault. the Assault phase ends when all Squads are destroyed, and players clear out of the opponent's bases, at which point Recon phase will begin again. If neither team has won by the 6th round, the Full Frontal Assault phase begins, players will be unable to purchase defenses, and are left with those they bought in previous rounds. Both bases will be susceptible to attack at all time, and two Squad pads are added to the base. The phase ends when one team wins.

Ranked Match

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In the Ranked Match it's possible to earn points to "up" your rank. If you win, you can earn points (3-20 points) and if you lose, respectively you lose points (5-15 points). It's not possible choose the map.

Custom Match

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In the Custom Match its not possible to earn points, and its possible to choose the map, available weapons, etc. This mode is good for practice to earn points in the Ranked Match.


All the Ranks (except the ???)

The points that you earn or lose in the Ranked Match are used for earn a Rank. There are 7 Ranks, but only 6 are possible to repeat:

  • ??? Rank - When you start the game you need to play 5 matches, after which your starting rank is calculated.
  • Rookie (< 80 points)
  • Fongoid (80 - 160 points)
  • Blarg (160 - 250 points)
  • tyhrranoid (250 - 340 points)
  • Agorian (340 - 420 points)
  • Lombax (420 - 500 points)


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