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Dr. Frumpus Croid was a Tharpod Paradoxologist, Astrophysicist, and Lombax Whisperer who lived on planet Magnus. He lived at an outpost in the Terawatt Forest. He held the key to the mystery of the Creature Collector. His colleague and closest friend was Nevo Binklemeyer. Dr. Croid also owned a series of secret labs scattered around planet Magnus. When each lab was completed by the heroes, a RYNO VI Protosuit part was acquired. Croid had built a small army of loyal robots to defend his base on Terrawatt Forest, additionally giving him complete control of the Phonica Moon thanks to them.

Due to his discoveries, he and his colleague Nevo were given their own section in Planet Igliak's Intergalactic Museum of History.


Originally, Nevo Binklemeyer was friends with Dr. Croid before the arrival of the Toranux. It was Binklemeyer who designed the Protomorphic Energy Extractor, and also proposed to modify it to remove the strange 'energy' (in reality the Loki Master) from Dr. Croid's critter companion, Mr. Dinkles.

Binklemeyer later tried to prevent the Loki Master from stealing the Protomorphic Energy Extractor. However, the Loki Master, instead of killing him, made Binklemeyer work as his technician. This resulted in the modification of Ephemeris for interplanetary travel, and the construction of the Minions and Commander Spog to collect creatures for the Loki Master and protect Ephemeris.

Binklemeyer was rendered 'superfluous' when the Loki Master proclaimed the Protomorphic Energy Extractor was ready to transfer the Toranux into some of the larger and more dangerous creatures that Ephemeris had collected. He was saved by Dr. Croid, who had followed Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and Nefarious into Ephemeris' superstructure.

During the final battle with the Grivelnox, Binklemeyer activated the Protomorphic Energy Extractor and removed the Loki Master from the body of the Grivelnox, leading to the death of the Loki Master. His disposition following the defeat of the Loki Master is unknown, although it is most probable that he renewed his friendship with Dr. Croid and assisted him in destroying the last fragments of planet Toranaux, which he had placed in the centre of Ephemeris at the orders of the Loki Master.

Dr Croid concept art

Ratchet & Clank movie

A Tharpod character similar to Dr. Croid, will be making an appearance in the upcoming Ratchet & Clank movie. He employed Ratchet to fix his ship. Ratchet installed a metallic grav-thruster that caused the ship to fly at incredible speeds while attracting metal junk from Ratchet's garage. After Ratchet dismantled the grav-thruster, he asked him," That was a close one, huh?", and the tharpod was ejected out the ship.


The Ornithopter, one of Croid's inventions


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