Guardian Robot

A Guardian

I gotta get me some of these! Can you imagine me rolling up to the Planetary Defence Center with ten or twelve of these things? [Laughs] I'd be unstoppable!

Dr. Nefarious, A4O

The Friendly Guardian Bots were large robots fitted with guardian cannons that were equipped with High-Powered lasers and Missiles Launchers on their back, Tractor Beam Eyes, Ion-Hand Cannons, and Ion-Chest Cannons that guarded Dr. Croid's base in Terrawatt Forest.

One of them was taken over by Cronk and Zephyr using a Cranial Mood Reshifter, and the heroes rode on its back and used the machine's Fusion Cannons to defend themselves, they were created by Dr. Croid.

These robots, besides the one that the heroes use, named Leon by President Qwark, only work for Dr. Croid. Guardians are also extremely powerful, easily taking out a Tank Minion in one shot. Some are guarding pathways with there Tractor Beam Eyes that can kill a player if it spotted. Few things are real threat to these machines, except for Fusion Cannons, Croid Bots and other Guardians. The Guardians weak spots are glowing red spots in its palm and chest plates, so aim the Fusion Turrets on them. Guardians encounetered as enemies were all in their "Murder Mode."

Notable Guardians


  • When typing in a code to open up the doors for Croid's Base in Terrawatt, Leon, the Friendly Guardian after a few seconds of typing will notice you looking at the typing pad. He will quickly cover the typing pad with one hand, angerly glaring at you from time to time until he finishs typing in the code.


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