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Free Ratchet from prison celll is a mission in Going Commando that takes place in the flying lab, Aranos. While trying to find Abercrombie Fizzwidget on Boldan, Ratchet and Clank came across a Fizzwidget robot instead giving away Protopet samples. The Thug Leader ambushed them, and the Thugs-4-Less arrested them, taking them back to their prison, located in the flying lab after converting Angela Cross' flying lab to their prison. Ratchet and Clank found no way to escape, until Clank's admirer broke open one of the vents in their cell. Clank was able to fit through it, and searched for a way to free Ratchet.


In this mission, you will control Clank, and command the Microbots. In the room you begun, wait until the lava lowers, then jump across the platforms and defeat the Megacorp Chickenbots. Break the Hammer Bot free, then step onto the elevator and activate it when the Hammer Bot is on. Command the Hammer Bot with Triangle to break the box on the left to the next room. In the next room, get the Hammer Bot to break the second block, and then to hit the seesaw at the end of the room, when you stand on the other end.

Once propelled into a ventilation shaft, head left, destroying the Chickenbots along the way, then free the two Microbots. Use them to fight through more Chickenbots and head further in the vents to another elevator. Head down the elevator with the two Microbots, and hit the switch to open the door and let the Hammer Bot through. Stand on the seesaw in this room, with the two Microbots, and command the Hammer Bot to hit it can propel you up with both Microbots. Command the Microbots to enter the port, opening the door to the next room, leaving the Hammer Bot behind.

In the next room, avoid the Megacorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw Models on the right, as Clank is no match for them. Instead, head along the left to an elevator and head into the next room, then break the two Microbots in here free and head right. Command the Microbots to destroy the chainsaw MSR, then head into another room and break two more Microbots free, and head right again. Command the Microbots to destroy the two chainsaw MSRs as they come up with the elevators, go back to pick up replacements to the ones you lost, and then command the Microbots to enter the bot-port and open the door. This leads into a room with a switch; stand on it to complete the mission, continuing in "Meet up in the hangar bay".

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