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Free Ratchet is a mission in Going Commando taking place in Megapolis, Endako. After Ratchet rescued Clank and repaired him, he and Clank seemed trap inside the room. Clank made use of the air vent to find a way to unlock the room and free Ratchet.


For this mission you take control of Clank. His controls are similar to Ratchet, though he lacks a double jump, is slower, and can glide by holding X in the air. Glide down and destroy the Megacorp Sweeper Bots here by punching them with Square, and then head forward. The path to your right is blocked by a Megacorp Laser Bot, and unlike those fought as Ratchet, these will stay in place and lock on your position with their laser, making them impassable. Instead, head upwards to find four Microbots locked in glass containers. Break the glass to gain command over them.

To get past the Laser Bot, stand in front of the bridge, and then hold Triangle and select the "Attack" command to send your Microbots to destroy it, after which any downed Microbots will respawn and rejoin you. Cross the bridge into a small room, and break the glass to free the Bridge Bot on the left. Command the Bridge Bot by holding Triangle and selecting the "Build Bridge" command, and it will build a bridge across to the next building. Use the command "Redact Bridge" once you and your fellow Microbots cross it.

In this building, command your Microbots to destroy the Laser Bot on the left and then break the glass behind it to command a Lifter Bot. Use the "Lift" command to get it to lift the block blocking your exit out of the way, then head out and send your Microbots to destroy the next Laser Bot. Command the Bridge Bot to build a bridge here, cross it, send the Microbots to destroy the two Laser Bots, and lastly command them to enter the terminal with the "Enter" command, which will open the metal door. Head through the tunnel and stand on the switch to free Ratchet, completing the mission.

You are now in control of Ratchet, though he has Clank on his back, meaning you have use of the Heli-Pack (or the Thruster-Pack, which is functionally identical, if you enable it in the options). First on your path out, hold L1 and press X to perform a boost jump upwards and get on the blocks. To jump across the gap, run and press L1 and X together to perform a stretch jump across. Head through and glide down to eventually reach a circular path around the central building, then take the translocator to return to your ship. If you have not already, complete "Visit Clank's apartment" now before moving onto other missions.

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