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Hi, I am the administrator of Ratchet Galaxy.

As you may know if you happen to follow what we are doing (even though, most things happen on the French version of the website...), a new version of RG is on its way and we are currently approaching the final stages of development. Everything is almost ready so we are starting to enter the content in our new database.

That being said, as we enter data, I realize that we lack a lot of content for the English side. There are close to no descriptions at all and most importantly, we did not translate most of our collectibles guides (skill points, gold bolts, etc...). Since the focus of RG is not exactly the same as a wiki, not having a text description for items can be acceptable, however, we need collectibles solutions to be really complete as they appear not only on their standalone pages but also in every planet/location page.

Thus, I wanted to translate everything we already had in French into English. That being said, some contributors pointed out that it would be a waste of time given the quantity of existing content already dealing with this. Since our websites are partners (or were partners, not really sure but we still have that footer link referring to the wiki ^^) and given the nature of The R&C Wiki, I thought that, maybe, we could use your collectibles guides (with a link to the original page of course).

I do realize that this page already gives instruction on how content could be used on an external website but I wanted confirmation from someone actually working on the R&C Wiki.

Just to be clear, we are not asking for the permission to copy any type of content, just collectibles guides. ;) --User:Vince4x4

Hi! Welcome to the Ratchet Wiki! First off, you're definitely free to use whatever you need for Ratchet Galaxy. We're currently working on a revamp for this wiki, so a lot of articles and information will probably be rewritten in the next few months- so keep that in mind.

Also as a side topic, I've really wanted to get in contact with an admin over on Ratchet Galaxy for a while. Do you guys have a Discord account or anything I could message you guys on? --User:Thatawesomecat

Cool! That's great news, it will allow us to focus on more important stuff :) Thanks!

We don't really have anything properly set up but we do use Discord. I quickly created a public channel on our server that you should be able to join it via the following link: [1]. Feel free to drop by if you want to discuss something with us. --User:Vince4x4

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