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Floranian bloody flies[1] are enemies in Up Your Arsenal, encountered in the Nabla Forest on Florana, and on the outskirts surrounding the research facility on planet Daxx. They are a species of large, red flies with glowing yellow eyes, which stab Ratchet with their stinger-shaped abdomens. The blood flies are encountered on Florana during the missions "Find the Mysterious Man", "Walk the PATH OF DEATH!", and "Defeat Captain Qwark", alongside nabla natives and swamp monsters, and on Daxx alongside guard bots in an optional segment to obtain the Charge Boots.

Floranian blood flies are individually weak and cannot sustain much damage, but make up for it in numbers, as they attack Ratchet in swarms. They are best dealt with using weapons that have an area of effect, and both the Plasma Whip and the Shock Blaster are particularly effective. On Daxx the Suck Cannon is useful, along with weapons capable of handling them while you focus on the more dangerous guard bots like the Miniturret Glove

Behind the scenes

Originally, the Floranian blood flies and Guard Bots were not supposed to be included on Daxx. Instead, the segment would be populated by crate-throwing apes, and small enemies that would crawl up in a ball to attack. However, due to the lack of IK (Inverse Kinematic) programming for the game, something hard to achieve on a PlayStation 2 at all, it was difficult to get this to work well, and since the section was so short, it was seen as an unnecessary use of time. This led to the reuse of the blood flies, and the Guard Bots, which designer Colin Munson referred to as "giant robot torsos", as a simple replacement.[2]


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