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Pitiful creature. You've meddled in Dr. Nefarious's plans for the last time. Prepare to be killed by… wait for it… Lord Vorselon!

Lord Vorselon, to Ratchet, ACiT

Lord Flint Vorselon was a powerful Terraklon assassin and mercenary. After a battle on planet Zaurik, he lost his organic body and was forced to adopt a new cyborg body. Vorselon went on to become a feared tyrant in the Breegus System of the Polaris Galaxy, selling his services to the highest bidder and traveling in his personal warship. At some point, Dr. Nefarious recruited him to be field enforcer of his army, promising to restore his original body with the power of the Great Clock, and the warlord became fanatically loyal to the mad scientist. He was recognized for his extreme sense of drama. He was later vanquished once and for all on his warship by Ratchet and Clank.


Early life

Your body will remain crushed and abandoned on Zaurik. Is that what you want?

Lord Vorselon was the deadliest assassin of the Terraklon race, renowned, infamous and feared among his kind and many in the Polaris Galaxy. He personally led a battle against his kind's rival species, the Drophyds, on their homeworld of Zaurik. He suffered a crushing defeat at their hands and was left a disembodied head, abandoned by his race. He somehow managed to survive long enough for his army to break into GrummelNet HQ in Meridian City on planet Igliak, where a hi-tech cyborg suit was stolen and used as Vorselon's new body. It is unknown how a disembodied head was able to achieve this. Due to his failure and transformation into a cyborg, Vorselon was no longer accepted by his race and lived on his own, traveling through space in his personal warship.

Years later, Lord Vorselon was known to have kidnapped Kerchu Ambassador Boogoh, and was sentenced for life in Zordoom Prison.[1] There, he was known as Inmate #260G. Around the time that Ratchet and Clank began a journey through Polaris in a fight against Emperor Tachyon and the his Empire, the Terraklon homeworld, Terraklon Six, was destroyed by the Thyrullian supernova. The infamous species was released from Zordoom and free to wander the galaxy in search of a new place to live, excluding Vorselon. He was mentioned by the Tachyon Robot in Zordoom while the two heroes were infiltrating the prison to save Talwyn Apogee; the computer called him to the med-vac station. He later escaped using an M class starship, which was later recovered by galactic authorities.[2]

Mercenary work

He was the Terraklon's greatest assassin before a defeat on Zaurik robbed him of his body. Now he's almost entirely mechanical, and sells his services to the highest bidder.

A Vullard on Torren IV, Molonoth Fields to Ratchet, ACiT

A wanted fugitive by galactic authorities and robbed of his army due to his sentence, Lord Vorselon spent his days on the move. He became a menacing mercenary causing havoc in the Breegus System, offering his servitude to high bidders. Lord Vorselon once held a dozen Terachnoid scientists hostage in the Hall of Knowledge. Ten hours the standoff lasted. Artemis Zogg, main bureaucrat on planet Igliak, didn't send the defense force in because Vorselon demonstrated the ability to do what was necessary. Vorselon at some point challenged the Drophyds to a rematch; however, they never responded. Six months after escaping Zordoom Prison, he met Dr. Nefarious, who had come upon the star cluster in Polaris after his defeat at the hands of Ratchet and Clank in the Solana Galaxy. The doctor offered Vorselon large payment in bolts as per his typical price, but presented him with a far greater reward: Nefarious plotted to take control of the Great Clock, a powerful facility in the center of the universe operated by the mystical Zoni which kept the flow of time itself. He would use the clock to rewrite history and make it so heroes would always lose their righteous battles and villains would reign supreme. Therefore, Nefarious would also make it so the Drophyds lost their battle to Vorselon.

As he would have his former body and pride returned to him, Lord Vorselon accepted Dr. Nefarious's offer. The cyborg became the robot mad scientist's field enforcer and commanded his troops in advancements throughout the Breegus System, including the Phylax Sector, Korthos Sector and Corvus Sector. Alongside Pollyx Industries, whose CEO, Pollyx, sold Vorselon and Nefarious valuable Zoni information, the Terraklon warlord effectively influenced the outstretch of the doctor's will on the system. As Nefarious upheld a false alliance with the Zoni through his claims that he could repair their leader, Clank, the son of Orvus, whom had gone missing, Vorselon and the Nefarious troopers continued patrolling the different sectors and nebulas to ensure that none would attempt to meddle in the doctor's plans. General Azimuth, an exiled Lombax elder, soon began fighting the evil forces in an attempt to keep Polaris safe, as was the duty of his kind to the galaxy before they vanished.

Lombax confrontations

Azimuth! I believe Dr. Nefarious was clear as to the repercussions of leaving your hovel. The clock is ours.

Lord Vorselon to Ratchet, whom he believed to be General Azimuth, ACiT

Lord Vorselon meets Ratchet, who he thought was General Azimuth


Lord Vorselon became sworn enemies with General Azimuth, who continued to be a large obstacle in Dr. Nefarious's designs. The elder was known to have attacked one of the doctor's transports and blown up the warlord's outpost situated in Korthos. At some point, Vorselon captured the persistent rebel after defeating him in combat on Lumos, imprisoning him on his warship; Azimuth; however, managed to escape. Angered by Azimuth's continual disruption of his operation, Nefarious gave clear consequences should he ever again leave his hovel in Molonoth Fields, Torren IV and interfere with his take-over of the Great Clock. Vorselon made it his duty to strictly reinforce this point, having an equally low tolerance of Azimuth's meddling. It was only when Ratchet and Captain Qwark came to Breegus that problems again arose for the doctor and warlord. The two started by learning more about the Zoni from a tribe of Fongoids in Zolar Forest, Quantos.

Ratchet and Captain Qwark sought to rescue Clank from Dr. Nefarious's clutches in the Great Clock. To do this, they needed to know more about the Zoni that had taken Clank as per Nefarious's orchestrating. A Fongoid elder warned Chief Alpheus that Vorselon's Warship had been spotted over the falls of the forest. He was going to the Fongoid settlement because he believed that Azimuth had resurfaced there, planning to cause more trouble for Nefarious. His warship hovered above the planet and deployed Nefarious's troops to attack the village, searching for Azimuth. As the Fongoids fled in terror, the cyborg himself came forth to confront the rebel; outside the Temple of Zahn, as Ratchet, Qwark and Alpheus prepared to fight off the invaders, Vorselon teleported in behind the captain and exclaimed Azimuth's name in anger. This sudden, unexpected outburst caused Qwark to lose his composure and jump into the arms of Alpheus, screaming in terror.

Captain Qwark confronts Lord Vorselon

Lord Vorselon believed that Ratchet was in fact General Azimuth, unaware of the other Lombax's existence. He 'reminded' his adversary of Dr. Nefarious's warnings to stay out their plans and firmly declared the Great Clock to be theirs. Confused, Ratchet asked who Azimuth was, but Captain Qwark, his composure rekindled, stood before the cyborg himself and interrupted Ratchet. Qwark proclaimed that the doctor, whose title he also questioned, had no authority in the Fongoid village and demanded that he release Clank or be met by the captain's retaliation. Vorselon, not intimidated in the least by Qwark, simply zapped him with his mechanical claw, trapping him inside a blue bubble which transported him to the warship above. Before leaving, the warlord ordered his troops to kill 'the exile' and bring the Fongoids in for questioning. Ratchet and Alpheus managed to defeat his troopers and save the village; however, Vorselon still captured seven Fongoids and left in his warship.

First battle with Ratchet

Qwark: Uh, hey, Mr. Vorselon? My name's Captain Qwark. Maybe you've heard of me? Savior of Solana? #97 in Kerwan's 100 Most Eligible Bachelors? *Laughs*Anyway, you seem like a reasonable… floating head in a tank, so, I was wondering if we could settle this without violence?"
"Vorselon: Insolent creature! Your request has fallen on deaf ears. The only future you may hope for is a quick and merciful death, following hours of unimaginable agony!"
"Qwark: Huh. So, that's a 'no' , right?

Captain Qwark and Lord Vorselon, ACiT

Ratchet used the Zoni Vessel he got from the Fongoid village to fix and upgrade his crashed starship, the Aphelion. He then flew towards Lord Vorselon's warship before it could jump sectors, closing in on Captain Qwark's nav-beacon. Meanwhile, Qwark was overjoyed when Vorselon's troops were coming with food, but was outraged when it was merely tap water, exclaiming "You animals!" While Ratchet destroyed Vorselon's attack ships, one of the warlord's underlings informed him that a prisoner who seemed willing to cooperate was requesting to speak with him. Vorselon commanded that the communication from the containment cells be patched through. It was Qwark, who introduced himself 'properly' and attempted to negotiate with the Terraklon, asking that the conflict be resolved while abstaining from violence. Vorselon harshly declined the captain's request and merely spoke of the suffering he would experience. He then learned that the Lombax had escaped his forces on Quantos and contacted Dr. Nefarious.

The doctor agreed with the warlord to raise the rebel Lombax's bounty up to 50,000 bolts, dead or alive. After the assault fighters were eliminated, Ratchet landed on the starboard thruster of the warship. He then deactivated one of the starboard engines with the kinetic tether of his OmniWrench Millennium 12 and used his Gravity Boots to scale an external grav-ramp, successfully infiltrating Lord Vorselon's ship. As the Lombax breached the starboard airlock and engaged security forces, the cyborg announced over the loudspeaker the raise of Azimuth's bounty. After Ratchet released the ship's primary hyperspace fueling module with his kinetic tether, removing it from his path as he traversed the grav-ramp on the ceiling, Vorselon again addressed the ship over the loudspeaker. He reminded his troopers that no one was to execute the prisoners until they had extracted the location of 'the rebel Azimuth.' In addition, he announced that fried weasel would be served in the cafeteria.

Lord Vorselon prepares to battle Ratchet in the central hub of his warship

As the Lombax defeated his security forces, Lord Vorselon threatened to kill Captain Qwark and the Fongoids if they didn't give up General Azimuth, but he failed to realize that they could not help him find his nemesis. The cyborg was then seen going into the elevator of the ship's central hub, making his way to separate holding cells to interrogate the other Fongoid prisoners. While Ratchet made his way further through Vorselon's ship, the warlord made yet another announcement over the loudspeaker: "Attention, troopers. I don't want to point fingers, but someone taped over last night's episode of Lance and Janice! Will the trooper responsible please eject yourself out the airlock immediately? Thank you." Ratchet soon got into an elevator as well and fooled the computer into bringing him to the detention wing. Behind a viewport, the Lombax saw as Vorselon interrogated the Fongoid prisoners, demanding one of the "insolent creatures" give him 'the rebel Azimuth's' location.

The Fongoid protested to Lord Vorselon that they did not know where General Azimuth was, as the young Lombax fighting him at that time was not Azimuth. The Terraklon expressed that they were "foolish to protect him." He then ordered his guards to throw them in the brig, and if they had not 'broken' by the time the ship jumped sectors, eject them out the airlock. The Fongoid cried out for someone to help them as they were sent to their cells, and Vorselon disappeared, engaging his suit's cloaking device and leaving through an adjacent doorway. Ratchet then managed to free Captain Qwark and the two Fongoids he was imprisoned with. When Qwark knocked down a doorway in order to escape, he mistakenly set off the ship's alarm, prompting squads of Nefarious troopers to engage them. Over the loudspeakers, Vorselon could be heard commanding his troops to not allow the prisoners to escape. Despite this, security could not prevent Ratchet from freeing the remaining Fongoids and letting them launch off the ship in an escape vessel.

Lord Vorselon after ejecting from his destroyed mechanical suit

Furious, Lord Vorselon commanded the computer to perform a bioscan across the entire ship, demanding to know who let his prisoners escape. The computer informed the warlord that one Lombax was aboard. Believing it to be General Azimuth as he was still unaware of Ratchet's identity, Vorselon ordered the computer to prepare his mechsuit, as he would handle the matter personally. As Ratchet made his way to the Aphelion in order to escape, he was brought to the central hub of the ship by the elevator. There, the cyborg again confronted his misidentified enemy; disengaging the cloaking device of his suit, Vorselon declared with an over-the-top dramatic flare that the Lombax had meddled in Dr. Nefarious's plans for the last time and that he would kill him. During their battle, the Terraklon said that he had prepared Azimuth's 'old cell' for when he would be recaptured and commented that he was "slower than last time," thinking he was "taking it easy" on him.

Lord Vorselon angrily declared that he should have killed General Azimuth back on Lumos, continuing to believe that he had fought Ratchet before and savoring the thought of finally killing his elder nemesis. Despite his skill and power with his advanced mechsuit, the Terraklon was defeated by the young hero. As his robotic body's limbs broke off and exploded from the damage, the cyborg let out shouts of rage and agony. Ejecting the tank containing his head as the last of his suit crumpled to the floor, Vorselon bounced uncontrollably toward an adjacent closing doorway. As his disembodied head tumbled away, the warlord furiously declared "This is far from over, Lombax!" Upon reaching the doorway; however, the tank got stuck between the automatic doors. Struggling briefly, Vorselon maneuvered his encased head through it and activated the jets of his tank, escaping safely through the doorway to another part of his ship. Ratchet then discovered from Captain Qwark and the Fongoids the location of the real General Azimuth.

As Ratchet escaped the warship in the Aphelion and set course for the Vela Sector to find General Azimuth, the ship was piloted automatically by the Terraklon out the sector, retreating back to the Nefarious Space Station. Regrouping with Dr. Nefarious, Lord Vorselon's mechanical suit was repaired and upgraded and he was made aware of the existence of the second Lombax. The malicious cyborg became determined to eliminate both of his enemies and allow the doctor's plans for their new future to succeed.

Alliance with the Valkyries

I've just learned that the Lombaxes have destroyed the VX-99. Our sentries are searching for their vessel's signature as we speak."
"Unacceptable! I practically handed those squishies to you on a silver platter. How could you be so utterly incompetent‽

Lord Vorselon and Dr. Nefarious, ACiT

Lord Vorselon reporting to Dr. Nefarious

Ratchet traveled to Volgram Pass in Molonoth Fields and eventually persuaded General Azimuth, who was revealed to be a good friend of Ratchet's father before he was killed by Emperor Tachyon, to help him defeat Dr. Nefarious. The two set out to find Clank and where the Zoni had taken him, the Great Clock. Flying to Axiom City on planet Terachnos, the home of the Terachnoids, the Lombax duo broke into Pollyx Industries, effortlessly got past CEO Pollyx and located an Obsidian Eye in Krell Canyon on Lumos. They also received a transmission from Nefarious himself, gloating triumphantly, on the Nefarious Space Station. Rather reveal anything about his plans to Ratchet, the doctor set loose a giant destructive robot, the VX-99, to kill them both. The machine proceeded to destroy most of Axiom City in order to kill the Lombaxes. Lord Vorselon was to ensure their deaths and report back to Nefarious on the battle results.

Working together, Ratchet and General Azimuth succeeded in destroying the massive robot and escaped Axiom City, heading for Krell Canyon. As they departed, Lord Vorselon dispatched sentries to track them. The warlord then flew back to the Nefarious Space Station to give a report to Dr. Nefarious. On the station, Lawrence was telling the doctor of Pollyx's calculations as to the exact procedure the villains had in mind for the Great Clock. As he mocked his butler's caution in using the clock, imitating a chicken to make fun of him, Nefarious was unaware of Vorselon's arrival; the cyborg teleported into his office unexpectedly and announced his name right behind him, causing a startled Nefarious to leap high into the air and let out a frightened shout, ironically in the same fashion as when the Terraklon scared Captain Qwark. When he plummeted downward, Lawrence pretended to try and catch him, but the doctor merely fell through the hologram of his sarcastic butler.

An emotional Lord Vorselon after angering Dr. Nefarious

Picking himself up and sitting back at his desk, Dr. Nefarious listened to Lord Vorselon's report: he had just been informed of the VX-99's destruction and that he had sentries searching for the Lombaxes. This news enraged the doctor, who found the cyborg's failure unacceptable as he had practically given him his prey. The mad scientist then picked up a glass globe from his desk and threw it at his 'utterly incompetent' subordinate. With a shocked expression, the warlord quickly teleported out the way of the projectile, allowing it to smash into the wall, and reappeared, shaking with fear at his superior's fury, behind Lawrence's hologram. The butler then ended his transmission with "I'll leave you two alone." Nefarious berated his Terraklon underling, as the Lombaxes finding the Great Clock would ruin their plans and he would never again have his original body. The doctor asked if that was truly what Vorselon wanted, and he responded by shaking his head with a delicate, hurt expression.

Dr. Nefarious then declared "I'm bringing in specialists!" Pressing the buzzer on his desk to open his office door, the doctor let in and introduced three female robots: Cassiopeia, Carina and Libra, leaders of the Valkyries. He had requested an audience with them at his station beforehand, desiring their allegiance to help take control of the Great Clock. As Vorselon stood by in awe at the warrior mistresses, Nefarious reminded them that their colony had been destroyed in the Erebus supernova decades ago; he was offering to have it given back to them with the clock's power, along with typical bolt reward payment, in exchange for their servitude. They agreed to his terms and provided their Valkyrie warrior ships and armies to secure areas of the Breegus System along with his own fleet, being expert pilots, while Vorselon loyally resumed his position as field enforcer of the Nefarious troopers, having further opportunity to make up for his failures.

One Lombax Will Perish

Vorselon from his camera

Unbeknownst to Ratchet while he was on planet Zanifar attempting to resuce Clank's father, Orvus, in the past via time portal, the lord of evil had captured Alister Azimuth after the lone Lombax attempted to prevent him from alarming Ratchet while the Lombax was in the Tombli Outpost. Ratchet, after witnessing the disappearance of Orvus and escaping Nefarious's wrath in the Tombli Outpost two years ago, discovered this after preparing his ship for takeoff, receiving a transmission from Vorselon's ship. Vorselon threatened Ratchet; proclaiming either Azimuth be executed or Ratchet take his place. Vorselon uploaded his coordinates to Ratchet's ship and broke the camera broadcasting himself. At Vorselon ship, Ratchet found Vorselon and confronted him in his battle room. Vorselon claimed "Azimuth had taught him well." Ratchet asked where the Azimuth was and, sarcastically, Vorselon began pondering to himself of where he put Azimuth. He then comments saying to Ratchet if he defeated him maybe he'll tell him. After dealing enough damage to Vorselon's suit, it explodes, defeating Vorselon a second time, but he escapes in his tank once again. As he did not tell him the location of Alister Azimuth, Ratchet had to continue to find him on his own. He later managed to free the Lombax and escape Vorselon's ship.

Dr. Nefarious and Vorselon playing video games

Vorselon was later seen alongside Nefarious playing video games, where he was playing as Captain Qwark and Nefarious was playing as himself, though because Vorselon hadn't received another cyborg body yet it was extremely hard for him to move the controller, resulting in him losing to the doctor. Nefarious shouted in victory at Vorselon, giving the Terraklon a mad pouty face, just as Lawrence appeared to inform them that their plan worked and Clank lead them right to the Orvus Chamber.

Sore Loser Protocol

Let's hope he stays dead this time

Ratchet last words about Vorselon after killing him, ACiT

As Nefarious began the activation of his saucer to pilot towards the Great Clock, Vorselon was still out there creating terror among the Polaris galaxy. He planned to destroy Ratchet and Clank in one final battle and afterwards defeat the Drophyds for good and redeem himself. Vorselon challenged Ratchet, now with Clank who he had rescued after killing Cassiopeia, to one final battle in his battle room, in the Corvus Sector. During his transmission to Ratchet, Vorselon proclaimed he was Ratchet's father's accountant. The heroes knew that with Vorselon on the loose in Polaris, the galaxy would never be safe, and agreed to destroy him once and for all.

Confronting the Terraklon for the last time in his battle room, who had a fully upgraded cyborg suit, Vorselon dramatically screamed at them, saying "Prepare for Terror unlike you have ever known!" to which Clank sarcastically asked Ratchet if Vorselon was always this dramatic. Unloading all his weapons on Vorselon, after a long battle, Ratchet defeated Vorselon for the last time. Unlike his previous defeats, his entire suit and his life-support tank completely exploded, leaving his head on the floor of the battle room. Vorselon was killed after Ratchet stepped on his disembodied head, being crushed and splattered, triggering his warship's self-destruct mechanism as part of his "Sore Loser Protocol 71406," an event which Ratchet and Clank escaped within seconds of the ship's obliteration.


Vorselon's laser attack

Lord Vorselon's abilities are connected to his robotic suit. During his first battle with Ratchet his attacks consisted of a brief burst of laser fire from his claws, a focused energy beam with a constant laser, a field of aerial spheres which fire electric bolts and a cloaking device he uses to regroup when injured. In the second battle he has upgraded to sending a pair or possibly a wave of energy discs at Ratchet, he fires more lasers (two waves of lasers at once), his focusing laser has a two-prong sweeping beam, he launches more spheres and when he cloaks he does a sneak attack on Ratchet. In the final battle he has a four-prong sweeping beam, he fires 3 lasers at a time, he launches even more spheres and discs and he becomes more resilient with each battle. But without his suit he is helpless to his enemies and so has jet boosters on his life-support tank to make his escape.


  • Vorselon was one of the few villains in the games that had three boss fights in one game he was in. The others being Dr. Nefarious in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, and the Thugs-4-Less Leader in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando.
  • Vorselon was mentioned in Ratchet & Clank: Issue 4: Thanks for the Armories by Artemis Zogg when Ratchet and Clank gave in to his justice. Interestingly, Artemis Zogg confirmed that Vorselon once held a dozen Terachnoid scientists hostage in the Hall of Knowledge. Ten hours the standoff lasted. Artemis Zogg didn't send the defense force in because Vorselon demonstrated the ability to do what was necessary.
  • Ironically, Vorselon in his mechanical suit bore a striking resemblance to the Drophyds. Notable similarities include that both Vorselon and Drophyds are basically heads inside a glass bowl attached to a metallic body, and after the final battle, his head came off in a similar fashion to the Drophyds, and his head was crushed like one.

Vorselon as a Robot

  • When in battle with Vorselon, he will turn invisible, and a versa bolt will appear. Disengage the tether, and the whole room lights up in smoke, exposing him and freezes his body temporarily.
  • It was possible to hear Vorselon say during battle that he would make the "Drophyd squishies" pay for what they did to him. This indicated that he was starting to share Nefarious's ideals against organisms, being used to his robotic body.
  • Concept art shows that Vorselon was originally supposed to be a Robot.
  • Ratchet can spray oil on Vorselon using the Omnisoaker, to which he may respond with any of the following phrases: "Uhhhg! Oil! I'm covered in oiiiil!", "You think oil will kill Lord Vorselon‽?", "seriously, do I come to your home and spray *you* with viscous liquid!?", "oh that's cheating!! do you see me using an Omnisoaker!?", "Hahahahaa, you think *fire* can hurt *me*??".


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