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Find the top secret Blarg research project is a mission in Ratchet & Clank taking place in the Blarg Tactical Research Station in Nebula G34. After finishing their training for the Galactic Rangers, Ratchet and Clank are assigned their first mission by Captain Qwark, who asks them to investigate the secret blarg research project, for "Operation: Falling Star".

Before this mission can be begun, the mission "Search the sewers" on Rilgar must be completed in order to unlock the Trespasser.


Upon arriving on the Blarg Tactical Research Station, use the Gadgetron vendor to purchase any Raritanium upgrades. No new weapons are available compared to Rilgar. If you completed "Win the hoverboard race" along with the Silver Cup and Gold Cup, you should be able to afford all recently available weapons, including Mr. Zurkon, the Groovitron, and the Pixelizer. Each of these weapons are extremely useful for this next mission. Before this mission, you may wish to complete the mission "Search the Blarg Warship for weapons", as the Predator Launcher can be useful to provide additional firepower.

From the ship, head to the right, and then use the Trespasser to open the Invinco-Lock and access the locked down glowing red. While you can AutoHack this and future puzzles, doing so will lose a trophy. When the door is opened, you can travel through a linear tunnel. Several moving vents release deadly gas, which should be avoided. When you continue to travel down, you will encounter your first enemy: alien swarmers. These are small, frog-like aliens which will hop towards Ratchet and bite in melee range, but can be dispatched using the Pixelizer or Proton Drum to kill them before they get close, or alternatively by allowing Mr. Zurkon to kill them before they reach melee range. In the next room, you will find a blarg space commando, which will fire a laser creating fire traveling towards you in an arc. Dodge the fire below, and shoot it. Hit the two green buttons to deactivate the orange forcefield and travel onwards.

Proceed down this path, defeating blarg space commandos and alien swarmers on the way, and you will reach a locked door with an Invinco-Lock. This Trespasser puzzle is optional and cannot be AutoHacked. Complete it to open a room filled with crates containing a RYNO holocard, smash the crates to get bolts, then head back and proceed forward to a chamber with thin, circular walkways and platforms. Take the walkways right to find a holocard pack, then head back and take the walkways on the left, and boost jump up the platforms, then at the top, use the Swingshot to swing across to another platform, kill the swarmers and proceed through the door.

In this room, you will find two large enemies, an alien snapper and an alien spitter, behind green, circular cages. These are durable enemies, and the snapper has a strong melee attack, while the spitter will spit long range acid attacks from a distance. Hit the green buttons below the cage to release each, then defeat them. It is best to use the Groovitron to temporarily disable them while you attack them with other weapons, and use the Pixelizer to knock them back. Proceed through the linear path, using Mr. Zurkon and the Pixelizer to clear out the hordes of swarmers. Grab onto the ledge and climb up, defeat the blarg space commando, then proceed through the door.

The next room is a large, round room with cages lining the walls on the side. Two alien spitters will spit acid at you from vantage points on top of the cages above ground level, so kill them before proceeding. Before you move on to the next area, head right. The second to last cage on the higher row on the right side actually leads to a small cavern filled with alien swarmers and a gold bolt. After obtaining it, step down and head to the next room, another circular room with platforms separated by forcefields. On each platform, kill the alien snappers, spitters, or blarg commanders guarding them, hop to the platform, and throw your wrench at the green button in the middle to unlock the forcefield to the left. Keep doing this for the next platforms until you reach one leading to a locked down, with a vendor to the left and an Invinco-Lock to the right. Refill your weapons and purchase Raritanium upgrades from the vendor, then use the Trespasser to open the lock and proceed through the door. Proceed through to a chamber filled with lava. This will commence the mission "Defeat the Blargian Snagglebeast".