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Meet up with Felton Razz and Find the technician is a mission in Ratchet & Clank (2016 game) taking place in Jowai Resort on planet Pokitaru. After Grimroth Razz sent a message to Ratchet and Clank in an infobot on Batalia about his brother, Felton Razz, being in danger on Pokitaru, the two resolved to help. Upon arrival, they found hydroharvesters attacking the planet. After speaking to Felton Razz, he tells them that they will need to upgrade their class-g Star Jumper ship with rockets to destroy them, and takes them to a technician, Al, who is on Pokitaru for a comic book convention.


No new weapons are available in the Gadgetron vendor, so use it to purchase any not currently bought that are affordable, and spend any Raritanium. After this, head down to Felton Razz.

After speaking to Felton, he will head down a bridge. Follow him, and encounter a few puffoids here. These are deadly enemies that will swarm towards you in melee range and attack with spikes. Defeat them using an area of effect weapon such as the Pixelizer, Proton Drum or Pyrocitor. Heading towards a small boat, you will find a telepathopus appear from the water. Defeat it with a weapon like the Warmonger, Predator Launcher or Plasma Striker, then hop on the boat with Felton.

While riding on Felton's boat, several more puffoids will get on board. To stop these, throw Proton Drums or summon Mr. Zurkon to keep the journey safe. The boat will stop and levitate up to a new area with more puffoids and a toxic crab. Defeat these enemies, stopping to destroy all crates and obtain the Raritanium above, then follow the linear path past the Torgoff Waterfall, defeat the telepathopus, and ride the other boat.

The boat will dock in the inner area of Jowai Resort. The bridge here is out, so use the Helipack to stretch jump across the gaps, stand on the button and the bridge will extend. Head upstairs, fighting the blarg troopers and puffoids, to reach another inactive bridge. Cross the versa-target with the Swingshot to the other side and defeat the blarg and puffoids, then press the button to extend the bridge and allow Felton to cross. This will reach the final area in the Resort, in front of the Tiki Lounge and Karoake bar. Here, fight the puffoids, telepathopuses, blarg troopers, and the blarg elite commandos (similar to the blarg troopers bit airborne). The puffoids may overwhelm you, so focus on them and use Mr. Zurkon for added firepower, and if caught between too many enemies, throw a Groovitron for some breathing room.

When all enemies are defeated, head inside and meet Al, who will offer a Teslablast weapon kit extension, then follow him and Felton to take the boat back to your ship. When Al reaches your ship, he will upgrade the ship, and the mission "Destroy the hydroharvesters" will commence.

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