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Find the coordinates for Drek's laser is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. After meeting with Clank's mother, Ratchet and Clank learned of Alonzo Drek's plot, through an infobot with coordinates for his fleet. Drek intended to use a new weapon, the Deplanetizer, to destroy planet Veldin so that he could use its orbit for his own planet. Angered by Drek's plan, Ratchet decided to go after him directly.


Begin by taking a nearby teleporter to the missile cruiser, where you must use the Hologuise to get past a barrier and a few sentry-bots, as well as six upgraded robomutts. The latter will bark loudly, apparently seeing through your disguise, but will not attack you unless you disable it entirely. Use another teleporter at the end to move to the dreadnought.

This time the sentry-bots will repeatedly move between the corridor and an adjacent room, giving you either ample time to pass by or to just follow them into the room and destroy them without the others noticing. The second-last room features four sentry-Bots and five robomutts, as well as a laser blocking the doorway at waist-level, requiring you to abandon your disguise to get past it. If timed properly, once the larger robots have moved out of the room, you can defeat the robomutts fast enough (using either the Pyrocitor or Tesla Claw) to re-enable the Hologuise and fool the sentry-bots entirely. Alternatively, an all-out assault with the Drone Device, Glove of Doom and any other preferred weapons are also functional. After another barrier, you can leave this ship and enter the light cruiser.

Use the Swingshot to go past the lasers, dealing with a pack of robomutts as you land. The next room is almost an exact copy of the second-last room on the dreadnought, but has an additional sentry-bot placed right next to the alarm button, forcing you to take it out as fast as possible. Once cleared, continue to the bridge of the ship and teleport to Drek's flagship.

The only doorway is blocked, so instead step onto a nearby Magne-Strip to take a spacewalk on the hull of the ship. The walkway will split shortly, with a rain of turret fire blocking off one path, forcing you to take the other route, which leads to a jet fighter. Using the aircraft, you must destroy the six turrets, which now focus on you, while fending off a small army of blarg saucers. The game will automatically return you to the hangar once finished, after which you can safely walk along the metal walkway and re-enter the ship. A short trip later and you will reach the bridge of the flagship, ending the mission.

A nearby teleport will return you to the launch bay, note that turning around and exploring the rest of the ship leads to a gold bolt.

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