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Find the Pilot's Helmet is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. After buying an infobot containing co-ordinates to Gaspar and a message by a Blarg Scientist to Alonzo Drek on the development of the Pilot's Helmet, Ratchet expressed desire to take the item for himself, whereas Clank instead wanted to inquire as to Drek's current whereabouts. Continuing to fight, they reluctantly agreed on going to Gaspar, despite their different reasons.


The Walloper will be available at the nearby Gadgetron vendor. Costing 7,500 bolts and being a melee-only weapon, it does not seem particularly impressive compared to your trusty OmniWrench 8000, but it packs more power and range, and can block enemy bullets without any ammunition costs. Take the nearby platform down to a small group of chompers that travel fast and in groups, but are otherwise inconsequential. A lone blarg paratrooper backs them up from the rear, while a blarg generator spawns new chompers. The paratrooper will sideflip and follow-up by firing a rapid-fire stream of micro rockets, the direction of which it cannot change after firing. Dodge the paratrooper and kill the chompers, or immediately head for the turret, which shields you and easily allows you to dispatch any enemies.

Said turret is also required to blast open the massive gate on the right, behind which the new seeker enemy awaits. These are small automated bomb drones that stick close to you upon detection, blowing up after three seconds. They are quite fast and well-armored despite their size, forcing you to either pick them off at a distance, use a rapid-fire weapon, or something that deals a lot of damage at once. The only recently available Walloper is the most recommended, however, as it can take them out in one hit. Turn the corner on the left, watching out for a paratrooper that ambushes you from behind a rock. Another paratrooper, blarg generator, and group of seekers guard the next gate, which you must again destroy using a nearby turret.

Head through and use an elevator to head into the depot itself, where you will run into a few chompers and a large group of seekers. Head into the next room, where five paratroopers will be guarding a small hallway with several parked cannonball tanks. They will use the tanks as cover, and the thin hallway provides little space to dodge their attacks, making your own automated bombing drones from the Glove of Doom the most effective way of taking them out. The last room is also guarded, by an even larger number of paratroopers. Either flood the room with the Glove of Doom or ranged weaponry such as the Devastator or Blaster, or rush to the turret and use it to safely take them out.

After blasting the gate open, head outside to the area seen in the infobot and find the Pilot's Helmet, after which you can take an elevator platform and return to the starting area.

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